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  1. gkcooper365

    gkcooper365 New Member Old S Scale

    I joined this forum a couple of months ago, and wanted to share what I have been up to. I have some S gauge AF trains from when I was a kid, let's just say it was mostly purchased in 1950 - 1953.
    I got a wall in the bonus room, and I built a 4X8 layout a year ago. It had two operating loops all pretty simple, half of the inner loop climbed and descended about a 2 inch grade, wires under the table and and a corner mountain, with tunnel built, and somewhat painted. It was a start, and was about to get some scenery, the plan was simple, a talking Mystic station, a farm scene, a diner some roads and cars.
    That was all good, until I went to a show a couple weeks ago. I have joined the S Gaugers Carolinas division, and went over to Winston Salem to help out with setup on Friday and work Saturday at the show. I guess I came away inspired to grow my layout.
    Last weekend I made some extensions, and the layout is now 5X10. I have purchased a saw mill, stockyard, and oil drum loader, and am working on the placement of those items. I have looked a dozens of track plans, and tried creating some of my own. I am still not happy with the track plan and keep trying different things. That's it for now, please feel free to send comments or suggestions. I will post some photo's if there is interest.
    Thank you,
  2. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Welcome George to the forum. Go right ahead and post those pictures, I'm interested in seeing them. I'm modeling in S scale using code 100 track and Kadee couplers but all trains float my boat.

  3. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    You betcha we want to see some pics...!!! I also have a 1/2 50's AF tucked away, and bring it out now & then to give it a work out. The good ol' days...:thumb:

    As they say...

  4. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Ah, the 12-step program to train addiction.:mrgreen:

    For control, give your credit card to your wife before going to train shows, or take her with you. sign1
  5. gkcooper365

    gkcooper365 New Member Old S Scale

    12 Step Program, Too Late

    I have uploaded some photos of my in progress layout. As you will see from the first few it was 4x8, and was about ready for landscaping about a month ago.
    Then I decided to make it bigger, so the last photo shows the wings added, one foot on each end and a foot across the back. End result is the current 5x10.
    I'll post another message with 2 more shots of the table with the track redone.

    Thanks for listening,

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  6. gkcooper365

    gkcooper365 New Member Old S Scale

    Layout Addition with Track

    I have attached two more shots of the bigger layout with the track layed down. I have one set of switches to interconnect the inner and outer loops, and a second set with an alternative route to service the Mystic Station.
    I have setup the three siding yard, but not sure if I like it there. Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed.

    Thank you,

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  7. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    looks like a good start, next thing you know you will be making it a 10' X 20' . and then when thats done you will want to add more......... thats how i am anyway....lol i never finish a layout, always adding or taking down and changing.
  8. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Ooohhh boy..!!! I never figured one could do that on a 4x8 in S scale.... Hhmmmm...Where can I fit a 4x8..??

    BTW...Are your accesories "vintage" AF or newer versions..? I've noticed on eBay that vintage accesories in good shape can go for hundreds of $$'s...

    Keep us updated on your progress..:thumb:
  9. gkcooper365

    gkcooper365 New Member Old S Scale

    Now 5x10

    The last two photos' are of the table after expaning it to 5x10. I guess there is allot there, but I am trying to figure out how two add just one more loop, maybe all elevated, I just haven't figure out how to do that yet.
    Allot of the stuff on the table I have had since I was a kid, the stockyard is early 50's vintage, the red barn is a recent repo, the drum loader is mid 50's vintage and came from eBay, just watched for a well priced one.
    The mountain I built, kind of replicates one my parents built for me when I was a kid. they used paper mache over screen, I used sprtay foam. The paint was done to seal the foam, and get an idea of what it will look like when the trees and shrubs etc get added.

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