Old John English Pacific 1

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    Old John English die cast locomotives

    when I aquired the two pacifics they had to be stripped and painted. Assembly followed disasembly. The kits were very simple. boiler, frame, axels, side rods, main rods, wheel retainer plate, trailing truck, lead truck, motor and that is the locomotive part. All detaily were cast on. a no frills locomotive. One loco has valve gear.
    The first photo shows the two locomotives taken apart. All parts were cleaned, painted then reasembed.

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    Old John English Pacific 2

    Here are the photos of the redone pair of USRA Light Pacifics. Both done for the Reading.

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    Beautiful work- I have re-done a Mantua Pacific, repainting and re-motoring. I plan to chip mine for DCC control and sound, you?
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    No, at 63 and with a large collection, I wont be going to DCC. ********DC is OK by ME !!

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    This is happening again. Last time you restored my ablity to edit only new posts. I put up with this. Now I have to many things. New photos and discriptions to replace old ones. If I can't edit, I can't put my work here. A partial repair woun't be enought. Please fix my editing ability.
    toptrain frank

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