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  1. BCMaxx

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    i have just received 3 boxes of stuff..it was all packed and stored in 1984 by my father while living up in the yukon. He passed on in 1988 and now my mother wants to sell all this....I have gone thru it all and sort of catalogued what there is...would you believe over 40 railcars..all in good condition, also i found around 20 different engines...and lots of parts and pieces..some of them still in their packages. Some of the railcars are very old..pullman goldengate special baggage car,pennsylvania livestock dispatch, union refrigeration transit co. (carnation milk) and many many more...some of the engines include: CP 3102 & coal car,Baldwin Locomotive works & coal car, I.C.R.R. steam engine,and many more....anyone interested?
  2. Dave Flinn

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    Can you post a complete list, either here or email it to me privately? Most of the stuff is probably not for me, but there might just be something ideal. Thanks.
  3. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Hi BCMaxx,

    We have a Buy/Sell/Trade forum (click here) at The Gauge where you can post your complete list.

    Most people will be interested in the manufacturer of the items, as well as how they are lettered/decorated, so don't forget to include that information too...

  4. BCMaxx

    BCMaxx New Member

    "the list"

    CN 81000
    swift refrigerator line SRLX4226
    union refrigerator transit co. 12818 "prima special"
    pennsylvania PRR 71473 "don't stand me still"
    pabst blue ribbon beer
    new haven NH32957
    union refrigeration transit co. 23210 "canation milk from contented cows"
    franklin domino sugars- sunnycane
    canadian national C.N.527295
    canadian pacific 4567
    kraft cheese/ mayonnaise
    canadian national C.N. 290218
    canadian pacific railway C.N.29210970
    redwood empire route- overnight NWP. 1952
    Model Railroader 1934-1984 50 years
    canadian pacific railroad C.P. 289946
    pullman golden gate special baggage car
    oppenheimer casting co. U.S. yards-chicago O.P.P.X. 8003
    canadian pacific railway 289750
    canadian pacific 4000 180
    goetz country club special-ventilator-refrigerator
    bellows falls co-operative creamery-brookside milk
    canadian pacific C.P.81039
    muncie & western R.R.- the ball line
    pennsylvania livestock dispatch 102987
    green mt. rutland gateway
    canadian pacific railway C.P.-
    wabash W.A.B. 6287
    canadian pacific- refrigerator
    chicago and north western 51874
    canadian pacific C.P.81099
    libby's food products
    pacific fruit express 520
    a curtis product baby ruth NADX 6240
    great northern 27024 /lading loader
    canadian national 16500 mechanical temperature control
    chicago and northwestern 51874
    10 various CP passenger cars
    1 crane car
    alco coal car
    chicago & northwestern 5609
    inland steel coal car
    C.P. 41001 flat deck crane car
    southern pacific 20243
    G.R. coal car

    canadian pacific 3102 & coal car
    canadian pacific 4107
    steam engine "5323"
    I.C.R.R. steam engine
    canadian national rapido
    great northern 1257 & coal car
    C.P.R.R. jupiter 60 & coal car
    P.T.C. #4 & coal car
    Mantula 0-4-0 shifter
    reliance rock co. 382 & coal car
    2-8-0 locomotive kit- 2 engines
    union pacific caboose 3862
    canadian pacific passenger car
    canadian national coal car
    chessie system coal car

    other stuff:
    "ho-scenics" railroad signals
    misc small screws
    nickel silver rail joiners
    sander valve set
    brass rail joiners
    air hose with fitting
    standard era marker lamps
    red and green marker lamps
    boiler check valvenorthern pacific headlight
    bell air ringer
    stema turret
    and lots more....
  5. BCMaxx

    BCMaxx New Member

    oops..sorry bout that....
  6. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    I'm sorry for your loss and hope we can help you and your mother out. I've sent an email inquiry. Peace, BC
  7. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    This is an awful lot of stuff. You might consider posting it on eBay as well-you'll have thousands of people looking at it. One suggestion - you have to come up with a good description for every item, manufacturer, and a photo.
    Good luck!

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