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    A few public domain videos are available for free download, from the Internet Archives website. The below link will take you to a list, click each title for another page to download, found on the left side of each individual titles' page...


    I personally recommend Redwood Saga, and Felling Forest Giants... in Redwood Saga, a Shay can be seen for a couple brief moments, plus a couple good shots of high line skidding (heel (or 'hell') boom, known today as cable logging. A cable or DSL modem would be highly recommended, as there are several different formats that the videos are available in, to download... I highly recommend MPEG-2 format, as this is also known as DVD compression, the best quality for video compression. For those on slower connections, the MPEG-4 format may be a better choice.

    Note these are definitely all mechanical logging operations, with the exception of axes, of course. Felling Forest Giants is a bit older, from the 20s-30s, than Redwood Saga, which is apparently from the mid 40s, as there are a couple shots of powered crosscut saws. It is a silent film, whereas Redwood Saga has a narration.
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