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    Already printed, and in my "To Build ASAP" Pile......BBBUUUUUUUUTTTTT..........Since Im already building the SDF-1....AAAANNNNNDDDDDD I STILL have yet to complete the Draganov.......AANNNNNDDDDD I have about 4 small scale aircraft currently in various stages of builds.

    Anna told me no more "starting" until I "Finish" what has already been cluttering my desk.

    sign1 Looking great though. I thought for sure you guys would laugh at my Tesla joke ;)
  2. I did laugh at the tesla joke, I thought it was pretty good.
  3. Been suffering a case of modeling burnout this week, however I did manage to finnish the tank. THIS was a BEAR to say the least.

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    Looking real good though!
  5. Dented Rick

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    Looking great :) Keep it up
  6. Comming together.

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