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    This is my second atemt for a layout, as the first one took just to much room, I am currently destroying it.

    I am now building a bookcase (I get the wood tommorow) and on one of the shelfs will be the new layout. And I will use the turnouts I already bought.

    All the numbers on the picture are in millimeters, I will convert them to foots and inches here for the people who are not used to the metric system.

    The length is 7 foot and the short length on the right is 4 foot. The depth is between 1 and 1.5 foot.

    There are 5 stations. on the top left is a medium passenger station which moves passenger trains to an other medium size passenger station in the lower right.
    On the side track we have a steel factory in the middle and an iron ore mine in the lower left.

    There is a tiny Nn3 track for the mine train running into the mountain. And there is a big track for the crane for loading steel.

    The medium sized passenger station should be able to handle 2 large passenger cars with locomotive. A small pendel passenger/loc combination will run on the side line.

    A maglev will run from the station on the left to an office block on the right. This maglev will be on a upper level, so it will run above the regular line. I have some ideas how this maglev in N scale can be build, but that is an project for later on.

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  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Looks good takev
    Lots of switching opportunities in this plan.
    Nice to have a large industry like the steel mill
  3. takev

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    Hello Matthyro,

    Thanks. Indeed I like the big factory and a mine, but I am also worried about not having anough room for a real town on the left side.
    I think I have anough room on the lower right for a big town.

    I will try and make a real dutch like railroad, towns and industry. There isn't much material for it, so I expect to scratch build/kit bash many objects. Anyway, with the maglev there, I can also do a science fiction rail road.

    I am really looking forward to light up the town and factory for running the trains at night.
    which is also why I want to run the set with DCC, so the lights on the train stay on.
    Plus I like electronics, so I am going to build the DCC system from scratch.

    The maglev would be a very interesting undertaking, altough there are some model maglevs made, I don't know if there is one in N-scale and looks like a real train.

    I think I can do something with those super magnets used in the head assembly of a harddisk. and a double row of small electromagnets, with a .... (i forgot the name, but it measures magnetic fields) for negative feedback, which would create a zero magnetic field, which slightly lifts the super magnet above the electromagnets.
    Then using LIM (linear induction motor) I can propel the magnet slowly along the track.
    This is the theory anyway.

    Well, I am of watching a movie.

    Greetings from Amsterdam,
    Take Vos
  4. SD90

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    I like that track plan, switching layouts are very interesting. I'm actually changing my layout now to incorperate more switching.

  5. takev

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    Switching layouts are indeed interesting, I first had thought of making a loop, but it takes so much room. There aren't many loops in the real world either.

  6. hemiadda2d

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    But the few loops that exist still carry trains!
    Looks neat!
  7. hemiadda2d

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    In the UP Cheyenne yard, exists a still in-use baloon track on the west end of the yard, next to the old C&S (now BNSF)overpass....
    Most western US coal mine loadouts have a large baloon track for loading unit trains....

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