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    Human society is in worse trouble than I had thought....

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    Apparently, she was absent on the day when the 5th grade girls were shown their special movie! :twisted:
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    I saw that movie!! It was in the 1960's and there were all these Birds and Bees Buzzing around flowers! Scared the heck out of me! Had no idea of what they were talking about. I could never understand if Bees and flowers made Birds, Or Bees and Birds made flowers, were there bird sized bees or more were flowers sentient? Then I thought of it as symbolism, and became even more confused. How did these two insects and some flowers contribute to making people? I stopped going to those Junior Republican meetings after that,............. I'm sorry, ..............I meant Cub Scout meetings! :p

    Maybe it was one of Warren Jeffs' 9 year old brides!


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    Yikes.... I walk away shaking my head in sadness.....

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