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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Go Big1, Jun 6, 2007.

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    After scrapping my first attempt at designing a layout that was more of a 4x8, I decided to try and create a modified dogbone concept into the corner of my shop room. After spending quite a bit of time working on a design, I have hit the block wall, and really can't think of any ways to modify it make it better.

    So I turn to my fellow Gauger's to break it down and let me know what's wrong, and what could be done better. Also, I really want a gravel industry up at the top - what industries would be well suited for my other 2 industry areas?

    Note: the black represents tunnels going through mountains, the red represents bridges, and the blue water.

    Thanks in advance for comments! :wave:

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  2. ddavidv

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    Interesting...I'm looking at doing something very similar (see my 5x8 thread). My question would be why the mainline at the back (where you have the gravel industry) isn't against the outer edge? Are you planning scenery there, or just allowing for that spur?
  3. Go Big1

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    David, thanks for the reply. I will take a look at your dilemna and offer what I can.

    The spur for the gravel industry actually goes into a 3ft wide by 2ft deep "notch" in my basement wall. So the rest of the track along the backside of the design is pretty much up against the basement wall, but right where the gravel spur begins I have this notch in my wall (was originally intented for a basement fireplace). Figured I might as well use it for something! :mrgreen:

    By the way, this is HO scale, and each box = 1ft x 1ft.
  4. TrainNut

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    If your not leary of revese loops, you could very easily hook that spur on the top left into the spur that goes into the tree towards the top middle. Is the benchwork across the front going to be strict vertical and horizontal lines or will it curve and follow the track? How about on the far right side? Is that up against a wall? If so, you could put a small mountain or something towards the bottom of the right side to hide a portion of the track so you don't see the full loop.
    Yes DDavidV, that plan looks a lot like one of the examples you linked to in your thread.
  5. ddavidv

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    Makes perfect sense now. Continue...hamr
  6. Go Big1

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    TN, firstly thanks for the comments. I just went through the link on your signature a couple days ago, and plan to use your style of mountain making on my layout. You really did some fantastic work. :thumb:

    To your points, I may possibly try to go with a reverse loop at the point you mentioned or somewhere else, but there might be an elevation issue between the 2 tracks you mentioned, as the track on the far left side will be elevating upwards as it goes "north", whereas the tree spur track will be more at "sea level".

    As for the benchwork, I intend to create octagon shapes to somewhat contour around the curves of the track.

    As for the right side, yes that side (and the back) are the 2 sides that are up against walls. I like your idea to add a mountain in the bottom right side - I had been struggling with what to do with that corner.
  7. Triplex

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    A lot of industries can fit on most spurs. The question is, what types of cars do you have?
  8. wickman

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    On the track thats going along the back can you make that into a incline , I think you have plenty of length for a 2% grade? The indudtry thats stuck in the back won't that restrict your scenery. Don't mind me I'm into differnet elevations , it breaks things up more. One last thought and I'll keep quiet , have you given anythought to a twisted dog bone?:wave:
  9. Go Big1

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    Triplex - I really don't have a lot of cars, as I am new to this hobby. I basically have about 12 cars right now, and they are a mix (4 flat cars, 3-4 box cars, a couple covered and uncovered gondolas). I figure I will try to buy a group of freight cars that go with whatever industries I pick. What I really want to know is, what industries associate with a gravel plant for good operations? I guess my current thought would be to have one of the industries be an concrete/asphalt plant, so there would be operations between the two, and then have a different industry (sawmill?) that created a different product that would get sent to the varies facilities that are in the town. I guess this is a long-winded way of asking if this makes sense?!?

    Lynn, I do plan on having the track in the back elevated up as much as I can, starting the grade up by the mountain in the left corner, and then coming back down on the far right side. I totally agree that adding height to the back track would add "depth" to the layout. As to a twisted dogbone, I really don't know what that means. :oops: I would guess that would involve crossing the track in the middle? If so, would that create a reversing loop?

    Edit - BTW, I am looking to model late 60's to late 70's operations (Rock Island and associated lines in a fictional town/area that is not in Illinois, since we have no mountainous terrain around!). Freight predominantly, but I may add a passenger line on occasion!
  10. Triplex

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    A crossing wouldn't create a return loop on a plan this simple.
  11. wickman

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    When I say twisted dog bone I'm refering to a loop being twisted thus making one track going over the other like an over pass .
  12. Here's a trackplan I made 4 years ago thats a double folded dogbone on a door. Scale mainline run is 1.25 Miles. the four bridge area is a scenic wonder, and it takes a train well over a minute to do a complete run.

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  13. Go Big1

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    That is a great looking track plan. I may try to incorporate some of it into my plan if that's ok.

    As to the twisted dogbone, I really like the idea. I need to stare at my plan for a couple hours and see if I can visualize it when incorporating in all of the grades. If I can make it work, and it looks better than my current plan, I will post it.

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