OK, cross you fingers all, here goes nothing!

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by PaperRonin, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Hi Paper-Ronin, just like to say thank you for trying this whatever the outcome it was good of you to give it a go and try and make it available for the community. Good luck with the negotiations.
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    The issue of asking for digital's of printed product from the rights owner, I would just let it go, for the sake of all who create.

    Scan the purchase, build the scan. If you want vectorized digitals, perhaps you should design the T800.

    I agree 110% with Flarebaffled on the subject of digitals and their leaking into the wrong hands.
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    My dad is actually a published author (non paper-model, that is). SteveM is right. It does depend on the contract with the publisher. Some authors get a royalty, others sell all rights to their work. This is true in the movie industry, too, which is why some movies don't follow the bok very well, even when doing so would have made the movie even better. The train wreck that is "Eragon" is one such example.
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    Finally, I got me a reply from Kodansha Ltd. Japan:

    Dear PaperRonin

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    And I am sorry for late reply because I received the below e-mail from Foreign Rights Depertment of our company yesterday, 9 October..

    As to your inquiry I am sorry to say that we cannot permit to share the scans.
    We only have rights to publish this paper model book in Japan.
    If you would like to share the scans you should ask the rights holder - it is Orion Pictures Corporation orWarner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
    But I don't know whether they would permit or not.

    Your understanding is highly appreciate.

    <edited out for privacy of person(s)>
    Comic Sales Depertment

    Well, just for the sake of being persistant... I'll try Orion/WB. I know where that will lead, because WB isn't the best possible community lover but I have a feeling I should take this all the way to the top dogs before I can let it rest... :cool: Digital reproduction by Kodansha and/or the original artist seems out of the question also, so I will make this a personal crusade. Any models that are this good or loved should deserve to live a long and crafty life!

    Don't hold your breath tho! :wave:


    Just send the following to the companies mentioned (Orion being part of MGM now) :

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I do have a pressing question I just need to ask.

    Some years ago, a company from Japan named Kodansha Ltd. sold a comic-type book that allowed buyers to model a scaled paper model of the Terminator Endoskeleton as seen in the Terminator 2 Judgement Day movie. This 'piece of art' is, unfortunately, no longer for sale in printed or digital form. Only collectors can buy it at E-Bay at prices way over the original.

    I contacted Kodansha concerning making a digital reproduction of their work for the papermodelling community around the world. Yes, it is a growing hobby with lots and lots of sci-fi lovers. Some of us even reached deep into our wallet to buy one of those Kodansha books. Myself being one of them. My intend was to make a digital reproduction of the book (scan to PDF) and, ONLY if given proper permissions, share that for free with the community.

    The reason? A paper model that's a proper representation of a scifi icon for a lot of us deserves to live on. It deserves to be built by a lot more people.

    Kodansha couldn't give permission to reproduce the book, mainly because they only have the Japanese rights for it. They then pointed me to Orion Pictures (now MGM) and/or WB.

    Therefor I put my question here:

    Can a loyal fan make a digital reproduction form a Japanese magazine so hundreds of Terminator and papermodel fans can have their very own T-800?
    If not, please consider offering a digital reproduction of the magazine yourselfs, I will be happy to provide the contact information for the Japanese companies involved!

    Kind Regards,

    <Real name in mail ofcourse>
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    Subtle ;)

    If only I had the addy sign1
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    Hey PaperRoinn
    There is a guy in Dandridge Tenn. that has the contract/copy right permission to reproduce 1:1 scale T-800 replicas. So if he could get permission then maybe we could too. As we work in paper; not metal and resign, like he dose.
  7. tnbrad

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    He is well know with the Star Wars fan clubs like the 501st.
    A google seach could lead you to him.
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    What about Tashen?

    Some time ago I posted a similar idea here regarding this book. I suggested that 'we' contact Tashen about securing international publishing rights for this book. If you are not familiar with Tashen they reprint out-of-print books from other publishers (and often cheaper than the original). That is another option. Although you should know I tried that alone, when I got no real interest here. They didn't respond and I'm assuming it's because one person isn't enough to warrant the investment. A PDF file of this already exists, I'm not sure why one would bother with permission to scan and distribute, other than to make it legal. Scans of this book are easy to find in PDF and JPG. I can't speak for everyone but I would much rather have the actual book (two copies) printed on the mirror cardstock. I suggest a petition circulated through all boards, forums, and blogs to accompany such a request to give it merit. :thumb:

    SEBRET Member


    The whole point of this thread is to make this legal. If legality was never an issue, many of us in the forum would have already copied, scanned, vectored, and reproduced a majority of the models on the market for the community. There is no question as to whether we as a community have the ability and skill required to preserve the vast amounts of models out there for future generations. However, doing so, in most cases, would bring about some bad juju on the modeling community as a whole. Once again I think this is a good opportunity to think about all the designers who put their heart into this hobby and release their models to the world for anyone to do anything with.

    Here's to all of you

    (P.S. Good luck PaperRonin. I really would like to try my hand at this model.)
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    A thought provoking thread, for certain; and I applaud the efforts to legally obtain distribution. Let's keep it that way, despite the temptations otherwise.

    Alternately, a challenge:

    Design a Terminator papercraft that can be issued to the community for free under public domain.

    Have no idea if that's feasible or not, but worth pursuing.
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    Point taken, but although I generally dismissed the pursuit of making scans legal, my main point was I feel that getting the book reprinted would be more worthwhile and more likely to succeed. Face it publishers, copyright holders (particularly of 'monster' properties like Terminator), and designers for hire have no interest whatsoever in allowing anyone to have free use of their 'for profit' anything... even if they aren't using it anymore. I'm not discouraging the pursuit of obtaining this book legally, I'm suggesting a path with a much better probability of success, and maybe just my opinion here, but a much better end result. Right or wrong, legal or illegal, the scans are available to anyone who wants them, many here have taken advantage of them. And no one is being 'hurt' by this, as it is not available to buy. No one who is using them is taking money out of anyone's pocket. Every scan I've seen has the cover... so the designer is not being 'screwed' out of his credit for his work and his work is being preserved. Legal would be nice (preferred), but a republish would be nicer (more preferred), not to mention more likely. This of course is just another opinion, not meant to get anyone bent out of shape.

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