Ojimak - new airplane models now available

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Jim Krauzlis, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Amazyah

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    I stand corrected also Erik!

    Thank you for the wonderful model!

  2. Bengt F

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    Figures for Scale Models

    Hello Erik,

    When I downloaded the British Concorde model from your site, I noticed the ingenious scale figures, that you have created - what a great idea. I downloaded it and printed it out on two A4 sheets rightaway.

    Might I suggest that you make a figure in an astronaut outfit - a John Glenn or Niel Armstrong figure?
    That would be really cool to have beside all the rocket models, for scale comparison.

    Bengt :)
  3. erik_tegroen

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    Hello Bengt,

    I'm glad you like the models. If possible, please send any pictures you have.
    I would gladly post them in the picture album of my club's website.

    A picture of an astronaut is easy ! I have the scale 1:6 "Buck" astronaut,
    with flag.
    You can even tell me in which position you would like it to be photographed in.
    The space suit is very accurate and super detailed. Actually, it's just like
    the real thing, only 6 times smaller. The arms and legs move anatomically
    correct, too.
    Fairly expensive model (doll) but highly recommended. Very fragile, though.
    Do not handle this doll too much. The beautiful golden visor scratches tooooo
    easily. Don't move it up or down unless absolutely necessary.

    Writing this, I wonder why I didn't think of this earlier.....;-) I spent hours
    looking for a decent picture of a man. Plenty of pictures, but it had to meet
    certain criteria.

    The small figures are available in GIF format. You can use the biggest one
    and resize it to any scale you need. PSP 6 or 7 is an ideal program
    to do this.

    At my club, I now have dozens of those little figures right next to my rocket
    models. This REALLY helps to see the true size of a rocket. Visitors can now get
    a good impression of how big these machines really are.

    MER with gold foil !! WOW ! Way to go ! Pictures, please ! I too use gold foil
    for my models. I also photograph it and use it for my models, as you know...
    ( Spitzer, MER, Trace, Jupiter, Juno, Meteosat. )
    Real gold foil, ofcourse. Real gold on a plastic sheet. Shines like the real thing !
    I use rescue blankets. Best chance to find them are in a drug store ( the chemists )
    But be careful: most glues won't work ! Especially not CA ( superglue). Doesn't
    stick at all.
    Try the oker colored tixotropic glues. Apply on both sides, let dry, press
    together. Ask your local
    shoe repair man what he uses to repair shoes. These types of glue are usually
    quite good.
    Very strong smell, very toxic....but hey...... nothing else works for this foil.
    Nothing else will glue this stuff. Little choice...
    Best glue for this job is Armstrong Armaflex 520. This glue glues anything
    to everything.

    Gotta stop.

    Bye now. Keep on modeling !

  4. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Astronaut Figures and Mars Rovers

    Hello Erik,

    Thanks for your kind reply. And thanks for the link to Galactic Voyager - it´s an interesting model site. I found a nice model of Howard Hughes´Super Constellation classic airliner in TWA colours - it looks so good, I might just order it.
    But the two 1/6th scale astronaut figures ("Buck" and "Buzz") are really something - they even got an Omega Speedmaster Chronograph watch and Buzz has the Swedish-made Hasselblad EL Lunar Camera. And real nylon fabric suits - amazing detail. It would be fantastic if you have the time to get a shot of your Buck doll and turn it into small scale figures!

    I´ll send you some pics later on, when my models are QUITE finished (I kind of wonder if they ever will be). The 1:96 Mercury-Redstone rocket isn´t finished yet - I´m still working on the folding of the small fins. It will be great when it is finished - I really like the colouring you have done on this model - the most accurate in this scale.
    Thanks also for the tips on how to adhere gold foil. The gold foil I have used for the Mars Rover is already on a thin card backing (it´s from a jewellery box), so I could just gently cut it (without scratching it with the ruler or the knife) and wrap it around the base of the model, and glue it in the usual way. It looks really good. On the six wheels, I have cut out the wheel hubs and put them on thick grey card, to make them stand out on the deeper lying rim. With the help of my scanner, I also added the round holes around the wheel hubs. To be quite frank with you, I´m doing a "mixed" model of your original model and Ton Noteboom´s model, trying to add as much detail as possible. I have studied some photographs of the real thing and also bought a little plastic model, by Sunstar, for closer study from all possible angles. On the tires, I will apply a number of thin "half-moon-shaped" black strips, to achieve the slightly rounded shape. I will mount the wheels on small brass nails, so that they will spin. The tower, antennas and the different cameras I have yet to make. I´m also considering to print the upper part of the sun panels on glossy photo paper, to give it a shiny appearance. I have printed it on A3 size paper, so it will be quite big.
    Re. gold foil:
    I am a real-space buff, so I am also doing an upscaled (1:32) model of the Lunar Module from U-Don´s Factory in Japan. On the descent stage, I will apply shiny, wrinkled gold foil on thin plastic that already has a adhesive backing. I have tested it on some scrap parts, and it seems to work just fine. This has been done before, of course, and there is an interesting thread on this model with gold foil at our sister forum, Kartonbau.de. On the ascent stage, I think I´m going to use matte black aluminium photographic foil. I am also considering an interior, as I have cut out all the little windows - see why my models never get finished?

    Keep up the good work, Erik, and welcome to the Forum!
  5. McPeek

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    Since you two are talking about the "Buck" figure, Collect Space has a great review of the figure including some photos.

    Thought you might be interested.

    "Buck" Review
  6. Bengt F

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    Buck Figure Review

    Thanks McPeek,

    This is also a very interesting site - and an overwhelmingly good review of the astronaut figure for starters. Perhaps I should have the good-looking "Buzz" astronaut, with the Hasselblad camera, as Edwin Aldrin is of Swedish descent . . .
    Or, a full-blown astronaut suit for that special costume party:

    Bengt 8)
  7. Jim Krauzlis

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    Hello, everyone!

    Our good friend Ojimak has released another set of planes:
    F-15 (two versions), F2A (two versions) and the F-4E-J Phantom.
    He also has the Mig-29 still available, as well as the Moewe.

    Here's the link to the download page:


  8. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Ojimak Flying Paper Scale Models

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the link - I have downloaded two of them, the Möve (Lion) and the F-5 Eagle.

    Best, Bengt:grin:
  9. 3Turner

    3Turner Member

    F-18 Chippy Ho

    Would anyone have the instructions on the Chippy Ho? I am building this one right now and thought that I downloaded the instructions also, but only have the Superhornet instructions. Any help would be appriciated. email to mgarmell AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks in advance.
  10. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

  11. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Ojimak has updated his site offerings, now making the Moewe, Euro planes, the two Sea Harriers and the Mig-29 available. I believe the EF2000 is a new version, version 2, this time around...not sure what the difference is, beside eliminating the black dots on the fuselage and adding the serial numbers in their place on the port side fuselage.

  12. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Ojimak Flying Paper Scale Models

    Hi Jim,

    There is also a new German 'Alpha Jet' available now.

    Hurry, hurry, folks!
    Bengt :grin:
  13. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Now it looks like our friend Ojimak is publishing Blue Angel versions...right now I see an A4J version available for download now, but he also has boxes for and F/A-18 and an F-4J-II, though not yet downloadable...at least these are new to me!


  14. 3Turner

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    Blue Angels F/A-18 is now available.
  15. 3Turner

    3Turner Member

    The last Blue Angel is avaiable....F-4J II.

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