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  1. How do you guys oil your engine? How much of it do you take apart? Any websites that show how others do it? I'm just curiouis to see how others do it. I don't think I'm doing the best job possible.
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    iver never oiled the actual motor of an engine. Ive never needed to and Ive owned some 30+ year old engines. I have only lubed the gears. in my experience, you only need to lub em if they become stiff or sometimes even begin to hear a cracking or snapping sound on your trains. I lube them with a tiny drop on one of the gears on each of the two trucks and I run it for a while to make sure the lube spreads. you shouldnt put more than a small drop on each truck.
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    Diesels are relatively simple. Gears and thats about it. grease does harden with age and may have to be cleaned out and replaced. Steam locomotives are a different thing. Gears plus all the linkage. Primarily, less is better on any lube job and don't forget compatibility of lubricants and the material that you are lubricating.
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    Unless you run them heavily, once a year is enough. Get a good plastic compatible oil like Labelle's #106 with a needle applicator. One drop to each bearing is enough, too much and you'll be gathering dust with it. A very small dab of plastic compatible grease should then be applied to the teeth of the gears. The older the loco, the more likely the grease and oil have gelled and caked, so a thorough cleaning is in order. Disassembly is intimidating but not impossible. Start with your diesels first, gradually working up to steamers. Fortunately in N scale, steamers are usually built much the same way as diesels---rarely do you have to do anything but lube the siderods. Some careful quartering may be necessary on steamer drivers but don't let it intimidate you. And ALWAYS refer to your exploded views on your instruction sheets. I recommend a small muffin tin with each cup numbered sequentially during disassembly. Place each part in the tin in the order it comes out, then reassemble in reverse.
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    When I oil my locos I usally take the shell off so the I can lube the worm gear. Thaen after I do that I put the shell back on and oil the under side of the loco where the gears are visible. Finally I run it backwards for 15minutes then forward for 15minutes at a resanable speed. If you are having promlems with the motor staling you can go to yourlocal hobby shop and by some eltric motor clener. BUT USE AS LITTLE OIL AS POSSIBLE.

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    to much oil can flud the motor contacts.
  7. Thanks for your help.

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