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    Its really easy for someone to not only spread the Trojans and viruses from one computer to another, but its also easy to use a proxy server or for some hackers supposed to be easy to fake an IP Addy. Lots of people use a proxy server to hide their real IP Addy, but most of those people do that so that they can hide their computer location not exactly their actual identity. What I mean is that they don't do it for malicious reasons, but to protect themselves against hackers and such.

    As is already mentioned, keeping a good firewall running as well as having your anti-virus, anti-spyware and other anti-hacker/bug software up to date is what will save you hassles in the long run. It might seem like a lot of money to buy those programs, but in the long run it will save you headaches and possibly alot more money if you have to trash an HD because something nasty fried it beyond recoverability. wall1

    It just makes good sense.
  2. CJTK1701

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    I'm not going to go into what I'm using, but suffuce to say that much of this was not a virus as much as it was someone attempting to gain access to my computer and come through a port. The traces were definate. Period. I've informed my ISP and they had corporate keep an eye on my account. Corporate secruity. Corporate watched every ping and traced it. These traces were logged, so.... The blottom line is that even though one of the hackers tried to go through several different means, the original IP was tracked.

    To bad for the hacker.:curse:
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    Had a firewall in place. Also, I went through three different AV progs and got the same Masks, those masks were traced back to the IP user. Three different programs and two different servers i.e. Explorer and FireFox can't be wrong.

    The information is logged and sent to the authorities.

    It's truely unfortunate that anyone would go to such lengths, but then again I've been saying that for over a year. I've still got the files from GoDaddy where my website was crashed and the data was removed.

    I hate to say it, but I've said it before.... I will never quit and I will never stop. The people that try to stop me and trash me and trash my name are bucking up against the wrong person.

    I will use whatever means are at my disposal to show them out for who they are.

    I know this all sounds terribly in apprapo, but not after more than a year of this type of thing from the same people.wall1wall1wall1:curse:
  4. Trekcreations

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    I've already suggested Kaspersky and Panda Chris. What VP do you use?
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    AVG has been suggested, but when I spoke to my ISP they said that the free version of AVG is loaded with spyware. that's from a repot that was recived by the staff. Also they said that Firefox is wonky. I used FireFoz for awhile and really liked it, but found that when it updated it caused problems. I'm just glad to actually have valid info and to know what's going on. I've told my Wife for years not to download free stuff like Google toolbar and Yahoo toolbar, Bonzi Buddy and all of that. I kept thinking it was something like that which was causing the problems, now I know.
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    AVG free antivirus, zone alarm free firewall, spybot search and destroy, adaware - never had a problem with anything!
  7. CJTK1701

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    Well he actually said tha spybot was screwy too. I know don't for sure and can't say with any authority. I'm just going on what the Security guy said at my IP.:confused:
  8. Trekcreations

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    Nor have I. It's not the software you have to worry about, it is where you download them from. AVG is as safe as they come. As is Zone alarm, Spybot, and Spyware Blaster. If your AV is worth anything, trojans, and BD virus should be eliminated. If AVG is your primary AV program, I would not rely much on it. You get what you pay for, or in this case, don't pay for. I can not stress enough the importance of buying a top notch AV program. That, or switching to MAC :)
  9. cgutzmer

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    Just let them do their thing with the logs. if anything is to be found I am sure they will do their jobs.

    As far as buying a top notch program - yeah sure maybe if you need virus updates within minutes. For a normal casual user AVG is just fine. At least its what the guys in our antivirus department use at home.
  10. Trekcreations

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    That's not exactly what I meant. It's all about protection. Quite frankly, those who use free AVG do so because it is free.

    Anyone who browses the internet can NOT afford to consider themselves casual. A virus does not care weather you are a casual browser. AVG will not do the job a Kaspersky or Panda can. However, I would agree that even AVG is a step above Norton.

    Not wise IMHO. But to each his own.

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