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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by DavidMcIntyre, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Because of framework and a bunch of other nearby Tortoises, I need to use one of the offset mounting points for the Tortoise (you know, the little dotted circles to the sides of the center circle on the template). I can send snail mail to Circuitron requesting application note AN-6000-01, but that's going to take a few days each way since they don't seem to do email/web.

    So, can someone give me a clue about the actuating wire shape?

    I've gotten the machine to work ok, but the variance in the length of the actuator wire is dramatic, so that it will either stick out way too much when the turnout is closed, or be too short and will put through the bar when thrown. I've tried more acute angles, more obtuse angles, etc. Angles going the opposite way, and completely straight. All either don't work, or work but have the problem with the actuatore wire sticking up too far.

    Anyone have a hint? Or anyone ever see the fabled AN-6000-01?

    Thanks, Dave
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    Welcome to The Gauge!

    I don't have a direct answer for you, but have you tried putting a "Z" bend in the actuator wire to provide a bit of give or "springy-ness" so the wire does not push/pull through the throwbar?

    Hope that helps. A better answer will probably be along shortly... ;)

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  4. DavidMcIntyre

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    I found an email address for Circuitron, and Steve emailed me PDF files of that application note plus a few others. The note pretty much just points out that you are going to have the troubles I'm having, and gives a few very complicated solutions.

    Then it points out that the "Tortoise Remote Mount" kit will solve the problem, and I guess it will. So, I'm just going to pick up a couple of those for the tight tricky places and move on. Better to spend $8 on the exact right part then spend another few nights trying to fabricate something, at least for my current situation.

    Thanks, Dave

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