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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Dave R., Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    Well, at a local train show last weekend I was finally able to pick-up a Life Like N E6 in the SAL Citrus Scheme. I got a powered A unit and two unpowered B units. As soon as I got home I took the power drives out of the undecorated A's I'd acquired and put them in the new B's. This A-B-B combo pulls my 15 passenger cars (6 heavy, 9 light) around my 17 inch radius without braking a sweat! I can't wait to see how many cars it will pull on a 23" radius. (I'll need to buy more coaches)
    I'll put my micoscale "Orange Blossom Special" decals on the locos today (to bad I can only get two per sheet) and start detailing the train.
    On a side note, The original diesel "Special" was pulled by E4's, all of which EMD produced were purchased by SAL, luckily, the E4 was externally indistinguishable from the E6, so the 6's will work for my prototype E4's.
    I think I'll use the headlights to illuminate the interiors of the B units.
    Thanks for your time, fellows, there are very few model RR enthusiast here in Cent. Fl., and I just had to tell someone.[​IMG]
  2. Gary S.

    Gary S. Senior Member

    No problem, Dave. Glad we are here for you. When you get a chance, post some pics of the new trains.
  3. nolink5750

    nolink5750 Member

    Hey Dave, I concider myself central fl. on the west coast. There seems to be a lot I have been seeing at the LHS. There's a nice sized club that I know of also. I haven't been there yet. Also when the snow birds come back it gets real busy at the LHS's. Any way god luck on your project.
  4. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    I'm not sure if the photo is attacted or not, I'll guess I hit "submit" and see.

    If any of the Moderators come across this post, please delete it.
  5. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member


    All the units are powered. The paint job on the "E4" is going slow because there are no LHSs in my area, I can't get the paint I need.
  6. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member

    Hi Dave,

    I'm in Central Florida too.

    My railroad of choice is the old ERIE as I used to live in upstate NY and remember the transition from steam to diesel when I was a kid.

    My first ERIE n-scale diesel was a Lifelike FA2/FB2 which had a powed A unit and a dummy B. I found a PRR A unit and filed the power unit to fit the B unit. Now the little sucker growls around with a lot of power.

    Then Lifelike came out with their improved FA-1/FB-1 with both units powered so now I have six of them in ERIE.

    I really need to finish that layout hanging on the garage wall.
  7. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    Hey Dan, good to hear from another local, I was surprised that Nolink was that near. I'm in Sanford, 20 min's away. I haven't started my layout yet, I'm still very new to model RR-ing and and need a bit more knowledge before I commit to a plan.
    The dummy shells of the E6&7Bs fit right over the power drives. I ran the five shell-less powered units around my loop till I could match them by performance.
    Reads like we're about the same age, too. Maybe we can meet up sometime. PM me if you'd like.
    PS, yep, it worked, Ralph. ;0)
  8. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member


    Have you been to the railroad shop on Fairbanks Ave in Winter Park? Colonial Hobby on Mills ave in Orlando has a lot of stuff too.

    I'll send you a PM.

    There's another fellow in Oviedo with an N-layout but I lost his email when I got my latest computer.
  9. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    Yeah, Dan, I've been to both, nice shops! But all I need is some Testers paint, now I've got to drive 40 min's when there were three hobby shops here in town. I'm afraid Internet shopping will spell the end of the LHS.
    I look forward getting together.

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