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Discussion in 'Software' started by lancer525, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I may have missed it (In fact, I probably did, because I have no idea what I'm looking for!) but is there a software package out there (Preferably freeware, as the wife doesn't want me spending more bucks on this hobby!) that the user can define a shape, like a cylinder or a block, and it will show what the necessary dimensions are on a flat surface?

    I got to looking at a cardboard box, and wondered how the single piece of cardboard was designed flat, to fold up to the shape.

    Is there such a thing? (and of course, where to get it!) sign1
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    Very easy to use

    Michael Krol's site www.gremirmodels.com has a free utility called Siatki ver 1.0.1 that will do many of the things you want (cylinders, cones, and spheres). there is also a pay version that handles 25 different standard objects including toroids, plus, by using the Creators, can unfold objects limited by two flat surfaces.

    Not so easy

    Google SketchUp http://sketchup.google.com/ and the Waybe plugin http://waybe.weebly.com/

    other solutions no doubt exist as well
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    It may sound a little lame, but i find it the thing to do .......

    Just get some book witht geometry. All programms which do unfolding uses the same thing....

    Just do it by hand, and if this works out then move on to some vektor-drawing-Programm, preferable CAD
  4. lancer525

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    Great suggestions guys...

    All except the one involving geometry. I am not, repeat not a mathematics guy. :)

  5. lancer525

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    Great suggestions! (Except for the one about geometry books)

    I am most definitely not a math guy. ;)

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