Oberursel 100 HP Engine

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    I guess "Swinger" has ruined his eyesight also...,

    Best, Gil

    P.S. I've gotten back to the pushrod, rocker arm and spark plug design. The spark plugs are around 1.6 mm tall making them impossible to roll out of paper. I've resorted to turning them out of bamboo dowel..., I keep loosing the lot every time I sneeze or breathe to hard or forget where they're sitting and inadvertenly flip them all over the floor. Same goes for the crankcase pushrod seals which are nearly the same dimensions. This quickly gets insane..., maybe I haven't thought this thing out quite yet.
  2. On reading back through this one I have several things to say to any of you that want to make your own punch and die sets for special sizes. If you are using stell and some sort of plastic like lexan you would be well advised to drill the steel first and then the plastic. If you do it the other way around sure as God made little green apples the chips from the steel will chew up the hole in the plastic. Adsitionally shoot the hole undersize to start with and then go to your finished size. Ideally you would want to ream it but that is a little overboard for an application like this. Plus if you want paper "washers" with the inside hole concentric with the outside hole all that is needed is to make up a punch with the inside diameter as a pilot to pick up the hole befor you punch out the washer. And punch sets are available above the 6mm size that Gil memtioned. Made by Precision Brand they are sold by numerous tool supply houses. The sets are #40105, #40100 and #40200. The 100 and 200 come with interchangable pilots for making washers. They also have a metric punch set but I don't have the number for that one. In addition there are knock offs of these sold buy differnet companies made both in the US and across the pond. If you know anybody who does machining at home befriend him. He can be a god send :D :D :D





    Went and found the links to the pages in Precisions catalog
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    Nice product..., haven't checked the pricing yet.

    I watched the video showing how the product works..., now I understand what's patented.

    Best regards, Gil
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    Interesting magazine..., heavy into late model, pre-turbine, piston aircraft engines. The last of the super compound corncob big bangers (good thing turbines came along when they did).

    The Oberursel front is again heating up..., after a period of vascillation I finally came up with a plan to make the reamaining parts out of paper (excepting the push rod). A few small experiments remain but I'm satisfied that the method will work out. Believe me, these parts are small and fiddly..., I keep loosing them thinking I've dropped them only to find them still sticking to my hand somewhere.

    The method has the potential to become a new standard for very small parts and is only germain to computer aided modeling (yes, you heard it hear first, CAM).

    Best regards, Gil
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    Thanks Mark
    have a new addition to my favorites ... and Gil do you do WSAM at fiddlers green to?
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    Yes, I am a member in good standing in Chip's stuff (sorry, couldn't help it)...., Fiddler's Green models are generally quick and easy to build and for all intents and purposes do a great job even though it's not pure scale. Their formula seems to work well.

    I'll post photographs on this development when there's enough content to make an interesting post of it. This is pure tweezer stuff and requires pretreating the paper before the assembly process.

    Best regards, Gil
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    Better man than I, Gil ... hopefully the engines size will be bigger than a dime ... or I will need my glasses magnifying lense and maybe a microscope to look at it :)

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