Oakville Central - in N?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Evan, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Evan

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    Hi all,

    A friend lent me a book called "Walkaround Model Railroad Trackplans" by Don Mitchell.

    In there, is a plan called Oakville Central. Size is 37" x 5'10" (It's HO, but I'll be doing N). I'm restricted to a 2' x 4' board.

    Question is, has anyone built this / seen it / can give comments about it? I'm quite keen to build it, but would like to get some critique of it first. I can scan the picture in, and post, if anyone needs to see it.


  2. Please do

    the 37" by 70" should squeeze down into 2x4 in N, but I'd like to see it to be sure
  3. Evan

    Evan Member


    Picture is below. The only thing I would like to add would be a line coming off on the southern side, going eastwards, then reconnecting to the loop on the northern side. This line would climb up a bit, into some mountains, and provide access to a coal mine (the only building I currently have).


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  4. brakie

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    Evan,yes you will be able to build that layout in the space you mention..You have more room then you think in that 37" by 70" space in N scale.:D

    From 1979-1987 I had a N scale layout on a 36"x72" hollow core door that had a double track main line,a 7 track yard with a yard lead,4 track engine service area and 3 industrial tracks on the front side plus a small town area..

    Great looking layout..I like it. :D
  5. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Hi Evan,
    That 37 x 70 scales to about 20 x 38 in N,
    so it seems that plan would fit with room
    to spare! The extra LxW would let you increase
    radius and let you spread out the interior some.
    I think that plan is very well-balanced and has
    a lot of appeal.:) :)
    Actually, it makes me think about N on a door!
    I just don't seem to have time to work on the one
    I have now!!!:confused:
    (he says as he dawdles around on the web):D :D :D
  6. looks good

    yes, that should fit in 2x4 just fine, using 11" radius on the main line, 9-3/4" on those interior spurs. 11" will just look better for any car 50 feet and under.

    your extra climbing track on the right should work fine
  7. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I'm looking at a bunch of both trailing and facing spurs on the bottom of the plan with no place to run around, except at the top of the layout. I think operations would be improved with a run around track on the outside of the bottom mainline.
  8. modified for N

    I just remade this in N using Atlas RTS.

    Most curves are 9-3/4, except your added spur, which uses 11" curves, the yard uses 1 19" curve section

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  9. second mod

    this is a second one, with the 11" curve reconnecting to the mainline.

    Again this is done in Atlas RTS. Added Reraillers to the yard and the interchange track, switched the order of the turnouts a little, which necessitated changing the angle of the lower right spur

    the bad news: it scrapes the edge of a 2' space (the one above does the same). If you can make your table 26" instead of 24" you'll have a little extra room to avoid fall-to-floor syndrome

    here's a list of what I used

    Count Article no. Description
    9 At-2509a 2½" Straight
    5 At-2509b 1¼" Straight
    5 At-2509c 5/8" Straight
    14 At-2510 Full Section 9¾" Radius
    6 At-2511 Half Section 9¾" Radius
    14 At-2513 5" Straight
    5 At-2515 Full Section 11" Radius
    1 At-2516 Full Section 19" Radius
    2 At-2521 Half Section 11" Radius
    2 At-2532 Rerailer
    9 At-2536 Bumper
    1 At-2566 30° Crossing
    6 At-2701 Standard Turnout Remote Right
    7 At-2700 Standard Turnout Remote Left

    just a reminder: the Atlas standard turnout is a #4.5 turnout with a 19" curve 15 degree section. If yoiu use Peco turnouts, replace them with 'medium' radius.
  10. woops! forgot the image

    here it is

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  11. Evan

    Evan Member



    Thanks for showing me what they'd look like. I tried to do it in RTS, but couldn't get it to work nicely. Think I might have had the wrong track-library or something like that.

    Is it possible to mail them to me?

    Thanks once again.


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