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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by sp2207, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. sp2207

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    Hello , i wanted to find out from some of you on o gauge track that is on the market. i am interested in something that is of better quality and looking then what lionel offers thank you very much for taking the time for yor input, Scot
  2. betsy662

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    Are you looking for 2 rail or 3 rail track, Atlas O is about the best on the market right now, MTH is a close second, and Gargraves is a close third for both 2 and 3 rail track, your best 3 rail switches would come from Ross Custom Switches, if your looking for 2 rail, then Atlas O should have their line hitting the open market in a couple of months, then there is Micro Engineering, House of Duddy, Old Pullman, and Taurus Products, these firms all make the components of 2 rail track, and flextrack is available for 2 rail................:) :)
  3. wsdimenna

    wsdimenna New Member

    If you are going with sectional track I would suggest Atlas Ni-Silver rail unless you have a lot of magnatraction steam engines.

    If you have the magnatractiion use either Gargraves or Atlas Steel.

    The advantages of Ni-Silver is it doesn't rust.

    bill d
  4. pcentral

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    If you are using 3 rail track, I agree Atlas O has the best on the market. I personally researched this for about a year. I think if you use the Atlas O track then use the switches also. They are both nice durable, good looking choices. Be advised the metals used in the Gargraves track and the loss of magnetism in the old Magnetraction engines add up to no real difference from a engine without Magnetraction. Also, IF you have Lionel accessories you want to use, not all tracks will work. Example: Lionel milk car platform, cattle pen, etc. The built in roadbed on some of the new track is nice but won't allow you to use some classic lionel accessories.

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