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    I have spent some years now collecting "parts" rolling stock and such.And then restoring them to non-cracked/complete condition.So now I am left with a lot of cars without trucks.
    I have purchased a few sets of trucks,but they are at least $15 on up a pair.So at that rate I would have to spend more than $400 on trucks alone.Which I can tell you is not going to happen anytime soon.
    So is there a secret source for really cheap alternatives?I understand cheap means "cheap trucks".But this is for my own enjoyment and I just want wheels on everything and watch them go.
    I've even gone as far as puchasing a box of misc cheap cars just to scavenge the trucks.Which then leaves me with a pile of stuff I make into a few nice cars... without trucks!
    Should I just admit I have a problem and get help now?
    Thanks guys
  2. Dave Farquhar

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    I feel your pain, definitely. See if you can find a Lionel repair shop near you, and see if they sell loose parts. One of my local dealers has a bin full of Lionel trucks. When he has trucks with a fixed (non-operating) coupler in stock, he sells those a lot cheaper. They're fully compatible, so I like to use them when I can get them. Another possibility is the old pre-1955 Lionel Scout truck. It's universally despised, so those are cheap when you can find them. They're also incompatible, but you can always put a Scout truck on one end and a regular truck on the other end of one of your cars so you can mix them. I have several cars with dissimilar couplers to let me mix and match (Lionel/Scout, Lionel/Marx, Scout/Marx).

    I've also been known to buy basket cases and salvage the trucks from them. That leaves the question of what to do with the pieces left over, but eventually I should find creative uses for them.

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