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    My one and only repeat customer!

    Hello again to all that have been so helpful and encouraging! Summer is now giving way to cooler air and that means it must be coming up on model train season for me. Who new it could be seasonal?

    My client from last year called up the other day and wants another!! Good news for sure! Last year was successful and although the model suffered some damage from the kids and the dog, he wants to go ahead with another. Last years will be repaired and put back in service for the holidays. The new one will be the same dimensions as last year. 52" x 52" and i think the track plan will be a loop in a loop with a crisscross, no switches this time. same deal with the christmas tree in the middle. One layout for the city and one for the country. Some are less affected by the financial crisis than others, thank goodness.

    This time the client has already purchased the train he wants to run. MTH santa fe E8 a-a diesel set with some long passenger cars. Poor thing will look silly chasing its tail around in circles all day but what can i do? Not sure if it can even run that tight?

    Also wanted to make this layout in the santa fe style to match the actual environment that this train would have typically ran through. Pardon my ignorance but was that New Mexico? The Southwest USA? Not very Christmas like in my mind. Did they ever run up north? say like Oregon, Washington state and Canada? Or any place that was snowy and cold?

    Thanks to all

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    Hooch, The Santa Fe ran up into Denver, Colorado and Crossed the continental divide near the NM border. That area I am sure had snow in the winter. Here is a link to a map of the old AT&SF trackage.


    It also ran up to Chicago so there was snow along that route also.

    The stretch from Central NM, through Arizona and into Southern California is mostly desert. A lot of this old Santa Fe trackage is used now by Amtrak and of course BNSF.

    In Short you can model anything form desert, to Rockey mountains to plans and rolling hills and call it prototypical for Santa Fe.

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