O scale Corrugated Metal from SCSI Cable

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by hminky, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. hminky

    hminky Member

    I was reading the Corrugated Shed from Computer Cable:thumb: and found it interesting. I model O scale so the regular cable is too small:( .
    I looked through my box of cable and found an old SCSI Cable:eek: . The pitch of the wires is right, a twenty four inch peice of corrugated metal with the right number of corrugations on two inch centers can be produced.
    I place heavy duty aluminum foil on the cable and emboss it with a tooth brush. This is the method Jack Work invented in the late '50's in his famous coal mine article. He used a single cut file in HO.
    I have been looking for a template for O scale but until have found nothing suitable.
    Isn't a forum of new ideas great, keep them coming:wave: .
    Thank you:wave:
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Wish I was modelling in O. that's a neat method Harold. Hope to see some photos of your work.
  3. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    Robin, it's never too late to switch to O. You know you wanna. C'mon, it's what all the cool kids are doing...

    Harold, I assume this is the old-style 50-pin SCSI cable?
  4. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    It would almost have to be, the newer scuzzy cables are the same pitch as the 80 conductor IDE cable I built the shed from. The wide pitch cable (like the scsi 50 pin) works in HO as well to represent the older wide wave tin. Fred
  5. hminky

    hminky Member

    Yes, it is the old original internal SCSI cable before there were wides, ultras etc. It just happened to be on a shelf. I must have a zillion IDE cables and could not find one to compare.
  6. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    I've got a 50-pin SCSI cable, a 40-pin IDE cable, and a 34-pin floppy cable right here. There appears to be some very minor variance in the pitch, but that's probably due to different manufacturers. You have to look very closely to see the difference.

    The 50-conductor cable will allow one to make wider sheets, but it'll be easier for most people to find an old-style IDE cable or a floppy cable.

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