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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by lawnchoker, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. lawnchoker

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    Hi all, well after a month of research and help from the guage, my sons and i have purchessed a lionel sf super frt set o guage, was nice of the wife to give us the basement minus the landry area, we have a L shaped area 24by16by14, going with atlas 3rail nickel silver track, would like to make a layout in cp line, mountains and tressels something like that,sure are alot of great looking layouts here at the guage all of you sure have inspiring work & have givin me lots of ideas, cant wait to see my boys faces when we fireup that railsound for the first time:D :D :D thanks jeff
  2. TR-Flyer

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    Y'all have fun. Since you've already got the train, might as well ask Santa for a few last minute "accessories".

  3. Lighthorseman

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    Alright! 3-Rail O Scale!

    Quickly, now...GET THE CAMERA OUT!! :D
  4. pcentral

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    Hi Jeff,
    Congratulations on your purchase. I know your family will enjoy it. I would suggest you test out the engine and sounds before doing it with the kids. Todays electronics can sometimes be finicky so test it before the kids are around so they won't be disappointed if there is a problem. When you get started on the layout ask questions and we all will help. I know of ways to make strong, lightweight mountains in very little time and they look very realistic. I have built quite a few layouts and offer my experience and advice. Have a great Holiday, Steve
  5. lawnchoker

    lawnchoker New Member

    good point steve ready camera action duh train dont work, i can see it now did you read the directions dad, yes son, ahh great dad you broke it, ive done this before:D looks like i have a good reason to buy that digital camera all those great closeups you guys get, now if i could just get the hang of that atlas freeware, about ready to grab a peice of my daughters hopscotch chauk & draw it on the basement floor :D :D dont think i have santas ear anymore this xmas but will make do, i have a bench made for the starter sets track layout so the boys have a place to play with it till i figure out are layout, thanks for all the advise guys jeff

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