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  1. zedob

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    I guess this is good as any place to toss this question out into the arena.

    I have a friend who is interested to find out what the color scheme that a particular station had while it was still around. The station was torn down before color photography was common place, so I doubt he's going to find a color print. Anyway, I know that most railroads kept a fairly consistant scheme for particular ROW buildings including stations and assume that the New Haven did the same. So, the big question: What was the NH's wooden station's colors? Was it the typical tan with brown trim, or something else?

    The station is located at the site http://www.vernondepot.com/, so if you think you can figure the color out from a B&W, have at it.
  2. Dave Flinn

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    I suggest that you or your friend go to the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association website (http://www.nhrhta.org/) and ask the question there. That is the best place I know to get an answer to a question like this, as there are a lot of NH experts there, including several who used to work for the railroad. BTW, I am a member, so I suppose you could say I sent you.
  3. zedob

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    Thanks Dave, my friend posted a thread up on that site and seems to have gotten an answer.

  4. Dave Flinn

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    Yes, I saw his post there, after I responded to you. Glad he was able to get help.

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