NYC Big Four Caboose Drawing

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  1. Good morning, afternoon or evening,

    I have just added a modeling drawing of an early Big
    Four caboose to my 'Railroads of Madison County' website.
    Maurice spent many years with the Central and after
    asking me if I was a modeler, sent me two caboose
    drawings. The early version is the first one that I
    scanned and digitized. I will do the 1925 center cupola
    caboose when time permits.

    This is a part of my 'Memories' pages which also contain
    stories and photos.

    The direct URL is:


    Roger Hensley -
    == ==
    == Railroads of Madison County (Indiana) ==
  2. shamus

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    Hi Roger, nice drawing of the caboose, do you have any drawings of a logging Bobber caboose and the colour sceme they used.
  3. No, I don't. As I recall, the only drawing of a bobber that I saw was in the NMRA Bulletin many years ago (my memory could be wrong on that) and nothing since.



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