Nx-02 Columbia

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by col. kurtz, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. OhioMike

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    Looks great. I printed this out the other day and was waiting till i seen someone elses build. Obviously needs further support for the nacelles. I know the purist hate mixing media but for the sake of symmetry i may use wire or bamboo skewers to help hold them nacelles in proper perspective. Looks great otherwise Col.....!
  2. Gearz

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    Well done col.kurtz it looks great! Thanks for sharing, its always interesting to see how they build + stand up.
  3. col. kurtz

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    thnaks guys thenaclles hold up ok but i found that when the pva dryed out the rear of the left nacelle had twisted down about half a centimetre doesnt look too bad as i mounted it at a slight angle on the base
    hers the finished base for the nx-02 as the black base is just my "test stand " (it has hundreds of holes on it from test use )sign1
    heres the finial pics

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  4. CJTK1701

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    Great job Col. Kurtz!
  5. trekman1017

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    excelent....even though this thred is almost a year old

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