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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by nachoman, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. nachoman

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    Does anyone have the NWSL chopper or chopper II that could comment on how well it works?

    I like to scratchbuild, and wind up cutting lots of wood or styrene strips. Sometimes multiple strips of the same length. I usually use a razor saw and measure and mark each one, which can be quite tedious. I have considered getting the chopper for such tasks but wonder if it makes clean cuts, how thick and wide of materials can be cut, and if there is an HO scale ruler attatched, or can be attatched for measurement.

    What I woud like to be able to do, is take a piece of stripwood that needs to be, say, 8 scale feet, and just lay it against a scale to the right place and cut it without having to mark it with a pencil.

  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    kevin: I have the Chopper II. It doesn't come with a scale, but you could copy one and paste it down.
    Chopper has a small problem (NWSL mention it somewhere) that it doen't make perfect vertical cuts -- the blade seems to wander a bit. This is noticeaable on wood from about 1/8" thick.
    It cuts the size of a razor blade -- over an inch, I think.
    It comes with a pair of set squares that can be fastened down (thumbscrews) to make a fence or a block. May not go too far because of where the thumbscrews are located.
  3. spyder62

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    I have a Chopper 2 and wish I'd gottin a 3. the 2 is way to small only cuts 2 1/2 inches if your lucky.
  4. ScottyB

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    I just bought the Chopper III (3) when it was on sale at Walthers (I don't think it is anymore). Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I like the construction and it will cut a much longer piece than the Chopper II. It comes with two adjustable "stops" you can use to make repeat cuts. I bought the 3 over the 2 for the reason spyder said - the 2 isn't quite big enough for what I wanted.

    Hope that helps,
  5. Torpedo

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    Thanks for the information, folks. I am putting together a tools and supplies list, and had the Chopper II on it after doing a web search. After seeing this thread, I have changed my mind. I will order a Chopper III instead.

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