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    my first attempt at a design the leduc 022 a fantasticly odd ramjet prototype from france were the cockpit sits in the nose cone of the intake i broght this and a few other x planes up in a thread on paragons models .....annnnd thoght id have a go myself its un scaled but ive incuded a tip-ex bottle to give an idea of size i used the old fasioned sheets of paper and pencil method for this i drew in as much panel detail as i could and its uncolored(the real thing is chrome silver) i just markered in the cockpit ill sort out my scanner and work on it a little more then make it avalible to anyone that wants it:mrgreen:

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    landing gear and doors added im not trying to go overbord here i just want something that looks up to scratch it wont sit on its wheels at the moment as there only made from plain copy paper i think a coat of silver and i may have something useable.....sort of the cockpit on this plane completely round with a small bump which i think worked ok ish the cylinder behind the cockpit needs to be a shallower angle to

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    in the bin it goes it only took 2 hours to design and build so no great loss of this half assed mostrosity i dont have the paitence for design so ill stick to building:oops:
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    I'm offline for a day and this happens? Null, I was going to say that it looked very promising. I've had this plane on my "to-do" design list for some time now.

    This is exactly the sort of thing I've ranted about elsewhere. I seen so many converted/extracted 3d game model "designs" that people fall all over themselves to rave about. Then, along comes adecently scratch-designed model, and because it doesn't have pretty textures on it, it gets ignored. So here we have yet another promising project dumped because no-one could be bothered to say anything about it. Just like a new figure model someone showed at the old CM net some time ago that got no comments but mine. This one looked good to me, too, and was designed by hand, yet! Seems to me that too many people have forgotten all of those old classics from the pm companies that were all done by hand!

    "Half assed monstrosity"? I didn't think so! "In the bin" already? That's too bad. If you ever feel like working on this again, I'll be interested in it, anyway! Sorry I didn't say so sooner.

    Scott K.
  5. cgutzmer

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    looking great!
  6. Nullmoon:

    I agree with sdk2knbk, this was a good attempt, no, a great initial model. I have always had an interest in the Leduc ramjets as well as all of the other strange one-off attempts to break away from the standard prop/jet/wings/cruciform tail designs.

    I would like to see you take this further, but that is up to you.


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    i still have the drawings that i scanned to make it i just wanted to see "if" i could actully desighn something from scratch agaist a model cabinet full of gpms,modeliks and answers it just dosent hold its own as soon as i sort out my printer ill give it some attention in paintshop and make it avalible
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    Glad to hear it's still going

    Whew! I thought you were going to just dump it and forget it. This looks like a great little model. I'm glad to hear you're going to come back to it.

    One of the things that makes this hobby so great is that the range of models is unlimited. Even an unusual plane like this can be made available to the world. The model companies have to make things that will sell and be economically viable. We as paper modelers can make it cause we love it!

    @ sdk2knbk - personally, I only get weekly updates on the forums, and it often takes me most of the week to get through all the updates. Since the first post to this thread was only a couple days ago, I'm sure there will be more comments to come.

  9. cjd

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    as someone who would like to be able to design models, can i say 'good job & don't give up on it' - it took skill to design & make.


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    in paintbrush re-drawing from the pencil plans i promised to finish it so i will:mrgreen:

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  11. Zathros

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    For my 2 cents worth I think it looks great. You off to a great start Great subject matter. You could always geaft a nedle from a dart on it amd impress a lot of people with some awesome darts. Joking aside I think it merits completion. You are a designer.
  12. seakrakken

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    :thumb: This is why I have great respect for Paper Model Crafter/Designers. 1, They are a humble lot. 2, They bring attention to some far ranging subjects. I never knew there was a RamJet made by the French. I think your Design in paper has merit and should be praised. Well Done!:thumb:
  13. Texman

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    Hey Null,

    How goes this one? Hoping to see it soon. It looks outstanding. I would
    love to put this one in the 1/144 show cabinet!

  14. SAustin16

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    I feel your pain. I've been working on 3 different designs, and move from one to another as I get frustrated with the process of designing a fairly simple object that will unfold well in Pepakura. We won't even discuss re-painting after unfolding.

    From what I can tell from the commercial models that I've seen on this site, the designers have MANY YEARS of paper model design experience.

    I BOW AT THE FEET of the amateur designers here on Zealot.

    Don't give up Null.

    It's better to struggle through the ignorance, and eventually triumph.

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