NS Wreck near Moberly MO 3 24 06

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  1. hemi_harvester

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    work for a railroad and some "brothers" had a brush with death yesterday....All I can still do is think about it and say WOW and where they lucky and I'm glad it wasn't me!!

    Some yo-yos got a low boy with a Bulldozer stuck on the grade crossing and instead of telling anyone (to stop the trains). They tryed to pull it off the crossing with a pick-up and a chain!!!!

    The police showed up in time to watch what happen next!

    They hit it going almost 60 MPH. THe front trucks of the lead locomotive stayed at the crossing with the lowboy trailer the 2 locomotives ramped the low and FLEW threw the air landed in a ditch on there sides spilling about 8000 gallons of diesel fuel ! The train was pulling Autoracks full of new Toyota P/Us the first 16 accordianed up next to each other...there where new Toyota pick-ups EVERYPLACE that looked like they when threw a tornado for a mile.

    What a mess... The good news is only minor injurys (to the crew).. [​IMG]Thanks mainly to the Locomotives being almost new.
    How ever it looks like the locomotives might not pull threw.

  2. McFortner

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    Oy, somebody just bought 16 train cars worth of slightly dented Toyotas!

    I am glad nobody got hurt, but is a pity about the egines....

  3. webmaster

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    Any pictures? Local news website etc..?
  4. hemi_harvester

    hemi_harvester New Member

    I'm going to try to gey some pics from some of the other train crews that went to see it. I know one guy took 2 rolls of film. I'm looked on the net. not able to find any news pics yet.

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