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  1. I_LuV_AliyA

    I_LuV_AliyA Member

    I am making a way make a log for my trains on ym model rail road online, which automaticly updates every 10 seconds. it tell you the engine, the task, the location of task, what line it currently running, desitntion, the status of the train, its like the thing with the cards... except 2005.
  2. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Cool! I love freeware, so I hope it's free :D

    Our hobby sorely needs free/open source software that is easy to use and not married to a manufacturer. Computers are way head of our hobby IMHO.
  3. I_LuV_AliyA

    I_LuV_AliyA Member

    thats true! yah its going to be free! but first i ahve to amke it b4 i make a give away version!
  4. LIRR

    LIRR Member

    And what code are you using to make this C+? Perl?
  5. I_LuV_AliyA

    I_LuV_AliyA Member

    first im starting html...

    then im tryign visual basic
  6. LIRR

    LIRR Member

    I still dont understand how your going to possibly make this update every 10 seconds without some kind of dedicated server that gets signals from some kind of CTC machine type program on your comp, even then you would have to enter everything manually unless you write a script that gives out random orders. To quote office space "Thats a lot of code!"
  7. I_LuV_AliyA

    I_LuV_AliyA Member

    well atcually its veruy very simple...

    u see the server that im usign lets u update files as much as u want
    in the html code.. the is this thing i know that redirects you to diffrent pages. you just type the url. so if your redirected to the same page??? it will jsut refresh...

    then all u have to do is input data save the file and change the data everytime you finish with your log. it will be faster then all the paper work, it will change alot. and it will be better and as i keep workign at it. it will get better bversion where i can actully code somthign for public use.
  8. LIRR

    LIRR Member

    They all do that, Unless your site is hosted by some outback nazi law enforcment server.

    Okay, or you could just hit alt-f5 instead of typing a URL over and over and over and over and over and over.

    You still havent explained how this is going to update every ten seconds by itself. If this was hosted on your site you would have to have some sort of script that randomizes work orders, I dont think your going to be going from throttle to HTML applet every ten seconds and updating work orders. If you have explained this its been lost in a sauce of misspelled words and bad grammar. "the is this thing" ?
  9. I_LuV_AliyA

    I_LuV_AliyA Member

    ok ill repeat wat i said


    there is an html code that redirects pages automaticly to a diffrent page. inorder to get it to a diffrent page i have to type in the url of the page i want it to:

    ex: bob.thml to bob2.html

    so instead if i put bob.html to bob.html

    it will atumoatcily refresh the page.

    then i have to set it to redirect after 10 senconds of opening the page.

    now u get it? or shuld i make and example.
  10. jetrock

    jetrock Member

    But how does the information change? Do you re-enter the information every10 seconds, or will there be some sort of dedicated device that transmits track information to the computer?

    And who is AliyA, anyhow??
  11. LIRR

    LIRR Member

    This is what im trying to figure out.
  12. Muddy Creek

    Muddy Creek Member

    An html redirect with a delay bouncing back and forth between each other is the easy part. It is the collection and uploading of data using html that interests me. I know how I would upload it using VBScript with ASP pages every few seconds, but not sure what input devices and software would collect the data. I know I can't type fast enough.

  13. I_LuV_AliyA

    I_LuV_AliyA Member

    you use some sort of feild that goes strate to a file or sumthin. its in this manual thing. when i figure it out i promise ill tell all ;-)
  14. Muddy Creek

    Muddy Creek Member

    I see. I always thought HTML was not so well suited for handling dynamic data. That's why I program in Visual Basic (VB Script.) Maybe I was wrong.

    Look forward to hearing your results.

  15. I_LuV_AliyA

    I_LuV_AliyA Member

    i program with vb aswell but thewre is a way to display those results on the web.
  16. theBear

    theBear Member

    Html reload is acomplished using a meta refresh , an example of one in regular use and serving 10,000,000 + pages a day can be found by doing a view page source in your favorite browser of .

    I can provide skeliton code to allow two servers to talk with each other, here is a receiver (I hope I got the correct one, I have several million files on my system), this should be buildable in any programming language that allows access to TCP/IP Sockets. This is a perl version.

    Since this is a skeliton a lot of work is needed to use it in an application.

    use IO::Socket;
    my $sock = new IO::Socket::INET (
    LocalHost => 'localhost',
    LocalPort => '7070',
    Proto => 'tcp',
    Listen => 1,
    Reuse => 1,
    die "Could not create socket: $!\n" unless $sock;
    my $new_sock = $sock->accept();
    while(<$new_sock>) {
    print $_;
    goto Loopforever;

    I've been bending bits since 1969 for several very large corporations, currently I work on a highly niched web based content site (which requires 3 dual XEON servers and a redundant load balanced image server). These servers talk to each other in a number of cases. I've seen a lot of good programmers and system folks start by scratching a hobby itch.

    Where are you in the planning process for this system?

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