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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by TinGoat, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    Of "I told you so!"

    After struggling for the past three years to promote the On30 Conspiracy Module Standards (OCMODS).

    While the heathen cried, "St@ndards! We don't need no stinkin' St@nd@rds!"

    And the rest stood by, scratching their heads and complaining that the OCMODS were too complicated and confusing.

    It's finally become apparent that this whole thing has been an excersize in futility.

    So the Crusade is over...

    Don Quixote has left the building.
  2. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    Well - You Tried, At Least!

    Sorry to hear that you got all frustrated, Tinny. I thought you were doing a good thing. :wave:
  3. Bill Pontin

    Bill Pontin Member

    Here ya go TinGoat!

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  4. Bill Pontin

    Bill Pontin Member

    From the Springfield show this past weekend in Springfield, MA

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  5. Philinbos

    Philinbos Member

    Thanks for the pics - I had planned to attend, but just got to busy. I'm real sorry now that I missed it!
  6. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    OCMODS are Dead...

    Thanks for the pictures Bill,

    Yes, the Narragansett Bay Railway & Navagation is the gold standard for On30 Modules.

    The OCMODS were based largely on the NBR&N Module Standards. But with some broader margins and interesting innovations.

    Alas, every one complained that they were too complicated and confusing.

    So they've mostly reverted back to plain old 2' x 4' flat dominoes...

    Thanks Steve,

    We've had some influence though... The NBR&N is starting to experiment with adding grades.

    And at least there are more folks around that are making On30 modules...

    So things are catching on.

    It's just that in the past couple of years, I've discovered that I'm more interested in other parts of the hobby, and I've decided to move on.
  7. Catt

    Catt Guest

    I haven't been to the conspiracy in over a year.As much as I like 0n30 I just don't feel the neeed for all the ridiculous bickering over module standards.

    What good are modules if you can't join them up to make a railroad?

    It wopuld have been fun though Ron. :(
  8. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    I belonged to both groups also, the conspiracy and mods, and I think you gave up too easy? Sure people want to bicker, it's their nature. I'm so sorry to see it go. Fred
  9. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all


    The last straw was when I thought there was a breakthough. After searching locally for someone else to build modules with me. Only to have it fall apart.

    I met a fellow at the Toronto Christmas Train Show who was interested in building modules.

    We were in contact through e-mail and met a couple of times.

    His attitude was that the OCMODS were too Complicated and Confusing and he said that they just wouldn't work.

    He said that I could go ahead and build them if I wanted, but he'd stick to plain old 2' x 4' flat dominoes.

    I tried to explain the subtle differences and that since I was one of the designers of the OCMOD St@an@rds, I would be able to show him around some of the technical aspects and help him.

    He wasn't interested. He said that life is too short and if it wasn't going to be fun, then it wasn't worth doing.

    Well, that set off a light bulb in my head.

    I wasn't having fun anymore.

    So I decided to quit wasting my time on OCMODS and get back to what I wanted to do...

    Modern themes. Traction. And getting started on my G-scale projects.

    I'll end up building a sectional layout. That way, I can carry a section to work and play with it on Saturday Afternoons.

    I've learned a few technical things from OCMODS that I can apply to my layout...

    But I won't have to rely on any one else's involvement.

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