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    or then and now, depending on how you look at these pictures, since I model the '30s. The first photo is of Grand Valley 26, a Consolidation from the erecting halls of that other Philadelphia builder, Bachmann. She's shown here at the Lowbanks, Ontario engine shops of Grand Valley subsidiary Erie Northshore, her tender getting some repairs to a damaged footboard. This is the opposite end of the building shown in the post "Oh great! I was going to go work on...". The 26 and her sisters are the mainstay of GVC freight operations, although a pair of USRA 2-10-2s are on the builder's order books.

    Here's sister 27 at Elfrida

    This is GVC 44 and an unidentified sister bringing a freight into South Cayuga off the Erie Northshore. Both locos are SW1200RS models; modified and remotored Athearn switchers. They were purchased in the late '50s as replacements for the steamers. However, due to a dramatic upswing in carloadings, both steam and diesel continue to work together, and are often seen on the same train. (Very well matched in speed, and all ballasted to improve tractive effort.)

    If nobody gets too upset by the fact that I still haven't learned how to resize the photos, I might post another "Now and then..." in a week or so. I hope you enjoy these.

  2. MasonJar

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    Nice work and photos - as per usual Wayne.

    Have you taken a look at Don's (ezdays) tutorial on posting to The Gauge?

    Click here

  3. Chessie6459

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    Great Pictures & Modeling:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  4. Zman

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    Great shots, and great modelling! I especially like the care you've taken to weather the buildings and rolling stock. Excellent work.
  5. Marxed

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    very nice!
  6. RailRon

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    Wayne, your scenes and models really look great! :thumb:

    I admire the lots of fitting details in your scenes, as well as the weathering. Keep the pics coming!

  7. interurban

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    You do do good stuff Wayne :)

    Really great modeling please post more :cool:
  8. yellowlynn

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    I sure do like that railcar. What model is it?

  9. Clark A.

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    Nice Wayne!
  10. doctorwayne

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    Once again, thanks to everyone for the kind comments. I have a couple of other versions of locos of the same road but from different eras and I'll post a couple of similar installments as time and interest permits.
    Andrew, I've seen the tutorial, but I still need to resize my photos to be able to use it. Supposedly, the tools to do that are in this computer somewhere: I'm waiting reasonably patiently for my daughter to show me how to do this. In the meantime, I'm taking more photos, so there should be plenty to post when I finally do learn the procedure. For now I'm trying to limit the number of pictures in a post out of deference for those on dial-up.
    Lynn, the inspection car is by Sylvan, I think they just call it a '30s sedan, although someone commented that it looks like a mid-to-late-thirties Pontiac: I don't know, as that was before even my time. It's stock except for the wheels, which each consist of two discs punched from sheet styrene and assemble into a non-operational flanged wheel. The lettering on the door, out-of-focus, reads GR&NLE 68, for the Grand River & Northern Lake Erie, or as it's familiarily known, the Erie Northshore.

  11. brakie

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    Nice! Looks real good!
  12. ezdays

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    I gotta echo everyone else, it is some fine modeling, nice detailing and realistic. Like they say, "what's not to like?"
  13. Drew1125

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    Great modeling & photos, Wayne!

    :thumb: :cool: :cool: :thumb:

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