Novarossi NS12 S5

Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by darkendlight88, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. i hav a nitro tc3 and i wanna put in a novarossi ns12 s5 in it. i heard the rs was a really hard enigne to tune i was just wondering if its the same with the ns. i think its cuz the carb has an extra needle.
  2. mastmec

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    The third needle is mid-range. Some people try to run race engines to play with, and complain about tuning problems. Yes, race engines are a little picky about their settings, but they are for all out racing, not for playing in the streets.
  3. well i no that im getting the engine to race, also ive heard of people just not touching the third needle and it does fine. i hav a mugen mt right now its pretty easy to tune but i no thats its pretty touchy. anybody else hav any comments
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    My os .12 tr p te(spec) engine has the midrange needle and it should only be touched if you really no what you are doing. I like it now that I am used to it and it really makes the midrange transition smoother. When I first got it I disassembled it for prebreakin inspection and quickly realized I had no idea how to reset the midrange. Luckily the manual (in japanese) mentioned the factory setting and I was ok.
  5. yea i think im just gonna get an mugen mt its alot cheaper and i will still be able to keep up with other cars, well actually wat about the sirio sp12trp outlaw. it seems pretty good how good can it hold a tune
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