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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by James R. Barney, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. James R. Barney

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    As usual, the news sources here are doing a lousy job on reporting on the weather in the Maritime Provinces - weather doesn't stop at borders. Having heard isolated reports of deaths, evacuations and electrical power outages, I do sincerely hope that all of our Nova Scotian members and their families have survived unharmed and with their possessions intact.
  2. Pete

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    Thats been about the only thing on the news up this way. The hurricane (Juan) hit just west of Halifax near high tide Sunday evening. Combining it's forward speed of about 40mph with it being just below a category 2 rating, it had the effect of a high category 3 hurricane in the Halifax area. I've heard of four fatalities attributed to the storm; two at sea, and two on land - one of those being a paramedic in an ambulance that was struck by a falling tree.
    Tens of thousands of trees were uprooted; the streets are littered with trees, limbs and power poles - some were impassable. Roofs were blown off apartment buildings and from one section of a hospital.
    A mandatory evacuation order was issued to those in low-lying areas of the city. Extensive damage along the waterfont with several boats being sunk; debris everywhere....
    The power company doesn't expect to have all power restored until the weekend. A dozen or so utility crews have gone to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to help, and 600 military presonnel have been sent to assist in the clean-up. It'll be next week before any kind of dollar figure can be put to the damage.
    I haven't yet looked on the web to find any pics or stories about the aftermath; I'm far enough away here that we experienced very little of the storm - just some fast-moving clouds, light wind and a few rainshowers.

  3. grumbeast

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    I had a hot shower!!!

    Thanks for the best wishes guys.. I finally got a hot shower on thursday. Its a mess here.. point pleasant park has lost 60000
    (yes!.. i didn't type an extra 0!) trees alone. I lucked out
    me and mine are fine although it took us till weds eve to clear
    the 100yr old elm of our driveway.

    Thanks to the power guys, cleanup crews and the DND for thier great efforts to get us back on our feet, and best wishes to those
    still without power!
  4. jon-monon

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    GRUMBEAST!!! Holy cow :eek: I was just thinkin' 'bout you earlier today as I posted this.

    I was thinkin' it's been waaaaaay too long since we heard from you. Sorry to hear about the old tree, but glad everyone is OK!

    Will pray for others in the area.

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