Nov.30 Weekly Photo Fun

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    I also know that the use of the opposing piston engines was discontinued in railroad use. While they worked very well in maritime use they couldn't stand up to the grit, grime and pounding of railroad service and were eventually replaced with the standard type diesel engines similar to those in use today. There were also experiments with gas turbine engines. The energy crunch in the early 70's killed that. Also, many cities wouldn't allow them to be brought into the city because of the noise. Union Pacific took one into Los Angeles one time. They never did that again. I remember one time that one had stopped under a highway overpass and the hot exhaust was causing the asphalt roadway to melt. The asphalt fell down into the exhaust stack of the engine which just blew it right back out. That was an expensive lesson. Don't stop a gas turbine under a highway bridge again.
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    Nice work everyone:thumb: Keep em comin....

    A lone SD50 on a coal drag...
  3. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    F units on another coal drag tunnel shot! :)
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    Didn't the Southern have some low-platform FM's? They may have been 4 axle jobs and not big TM's though...
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    Charlie: BRRRRR!!! makes me shiver just looking at those great pics!
    Post all the proto pics you want:thumb:

    Amtraks National Limited, running on time!!!:rolleyes:
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    Now that's unusual!
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    What??? you dont believe it???sign1
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    Coal + Mountains = C&O

    I know this has been posted before but I like it so here goes
    [​IMG]Makin the $$$$$$$ with a long drag of black gold. look in the distance ad you will see more of the train
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    Here's some pics of the CPR Holiday Train at its stop in Woodstock Ontario last night. There was a really good turnout considering the cold last night. The parking lot at the station was nearly full a half hour before the train came, and cars were parked 4 blocks away. We left after the first 2 songs to give the kids a warm bath to warm them up again. This was my first time seeing it closeup, I had seen it cruise by on the mainline a few times before.

    Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I left the flash off, and I was holding the camera in my left hand and my daughter with my right hand.

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    Lester, do you model any C&O steam era stuff, or only diesel era?
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    yes a little steam
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    almost forgot one

    I almost forgot my grandsons locomotive
    I can't forget that one
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    Awesome, I have always loved C&O steam:mrgreen:
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    Here here, awesome roster! Very jealous. Merry Christmas ! :wave:
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    CNWman - Nice Engine!
    Jeffrey Wimberly - Wow! You have some bright lights!
    green_elite_cab - Nice Picture!
    Val - Great Location and engine!
    Ralph - Great scene. The B/W really makes the picture nice!
    Harold - That is a GREAT scene!
    chessie4155 - Love that location and I can see that the railfans do too.
    Jeffrey Wimberly - Nice car and scene
    Gary Pfeil - That is a great looking passenger train. I like the kinks in the track!
    PRRman and CNWman - I like that engine!
    chessie4155 - I like that GP35! Great Tower scene!
    Josh - That building is looking good!
    Wayne - Wow! That turntable looks great!
    tom(spankybird) - That layout looks like so much fun.
    Larry - Nice Chessie stuff! Thought I would only ever say that to Chessie4155!
    chessie4155 - I love the nice touch of having weeds inbetween the tracks!
    Ralph - Great b/W picture. That bridge is neat!
    Jeffrey Wimberly - Looks like a fun project.
    Val - Great Houses!
    Jeffrey Wimberly - Nice switcher!
    Deano - Those engines are great! I love the colors! Bet they stand out amongst the armour yellow!
    Jeffrey Wimberly - Lighting up the night I see.
    cn nutbar - Great engine!
    chessie4155 - I like that SD50. Those engines just look powerful!
    Ralph - Love seeing F units not just pulling excursion trains.
    Jeffrey Wimberly - Engine looking good.
    Charlie - Those scenes look COLD!
    chessie4155 - The Amtrak train looks good!
    lester perry - That is a great scene! Love that mountain in the background. Great curve to take pictures on!
    Chad - Love the CP Holiday train! Glad to see another train fan starting!
    lester perry - Great Steam engines! That lineup picture is really nice! and I always love when Thomas makes an appearance.
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    Mind? Are you kidding - those are great! :thumb:

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    HEY FOLKS, just a reminder, this thread IS CLOSED to pictures...but COMMENTS are still WELCOME.



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