Nothing's BSG Berzerker (mixed results)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by RodentMaster, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I finished the very cool-looking Berzerker textured and mapped out by Nothing. Nice ship for any fleet!

    I had some bugs/flaws/errors with the printing, and I also think the color laser printer I used was heavy on blue toner. That coupled with build problems led me to give up hope on a "display" model -- you'll see some major issues, non-square shapes, etc -- but it was fun to call it "finished."

    Oh, and please note I printed all 4 sheets on 1 page (50% print size) and this may or may not have lead to issues I had with missing parts. I posted about those a while ago here:

    Camera phone pics, so most are out of focus a little.







    This was a small kit for me, because I printed at 50%. Many fold lines and glue tabs don't show up well at this size, but also the upper engine pipes were impossible to assemble (for my clumsy hands). I had some plastic styrene rod (I build plastic models too) and bent some under hot water, and sanded to the proper angles, and painted with "medium grey" to blend in. I like the results:

  2. theo

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    That looks good half the sice.
    I have printed mine but still not build, perhaps a half sice is't a bad idea.

    What did you use for the tubes on the upper engiens?
  3. RodentMaster

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    Well my logic for 50% was that I wanted it to look better against the Big G 1.5' whenever I get around to building that.

    I used generic plastic white rod for scratch-building, pliers, and hot water to bend the rods into shape. Then I used a dremel (for expediency) to grind the edges at an angle where they meet the spine.
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    Looks great to me RM. That's definitely a build to be proud of. :thumb:


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