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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by angevine, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. angevine

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    Hello one and all,

    I hope you are all well and enjoying your part of the world!

    Strangely enough, this is where this thread is leading....

    Have any of you tried Google Earth? I was introduced to it via work and have kind of been hooked ever since... strange really as it only shows pictures of the earth from space but the level of detail in some areas is scary!!!

    Most of the globe has only had a basic scan and looks like a normal space pic released by NASA but if you zoom in in some areas your down to street level... pictures can be saved.. And if you want bases for your dioramas then there are some very good resolution pictures of many sea ports and runways..

    Anyone interested in Iraq, there are lots of detailed pictures including burning oil fields, blown up runways and even Sadam's old Palace. (Have just found his yaught lying on its side in the harbour :twisted: ).

    I wondered, if anyone was interested of perhaps posting grid co-ordinates of the general area where we lived so others could get a feel of where we all are!

    Thought I would put this out to you all and see what the interest was!

    Also, my grid co-ordinates are.... 50 53'12.32"N, 2 11'47.03"W

    Resolution not good but you get the idea.. (For your info, its the area of my Post Code, but it's close).

  2. angevine

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    Also, found this...

    A rather sad end to a once great liner. The "American Star"


  3. Stev0

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    I can see my white car in our driveway.

    Yes it is reather interesting. I wanted to look at the Pearl Harbour memorial but cannot find it.

    When I was working for a communications design company we had 2 guys that did online leg work for arial photography to work with and it's funny that 5+ years later anyone could do their overpaid job for free.
  4. angevine

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    Try the following co-ords.

    21 21'57.61"N, 157 56'59.38"W

    Should take you to Hawaii and directly above the memorial wreck

  5. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    32° 09'N 110°52'W

    And you thought you had storage problems....

    Tim P

    PS I could post my co-ordinates, but until Google updates North Bristol, all you can see is a green smear.
    OH NO! I just looked out the window! Stoke Gifford IS JUST A GREEN SMEAR!!!

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