Norwegian Forest Cat by Canon

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    Hi fans,

    this is a really short build thread, and I mean really, REALLY (one-post-with-10-pics-)short. :D ;)

    As some of you know I work at an old people's home. One of our (relatively) latest tenants is a very active and fun-loving lady I have known for about 20 years now who absolutely adores cats. Since it is not allowed to keep a dog or a cat at our home due to hygienic reasons I was thinking about some sort of "clean replacement". I decided to surprise her and to build the Norwegian Forest Cat by Canon for her. She knew that I am a hobby model builder but up to that day she had never seen any of my builds yet.

    The pattern can be found here:

    It is a really cute rendition of a real cat but it is fairly small. I imported the page into InkScape and enlarged the parts by 50% (this was the maximum possible amount to print the largest part 5 on one page). Unfortunately two small edges had to be copied and pasted separately because they did not fit on the page:


    You can see these edges at the bottom left and right of part 5. I cut out the pieces and glued them back together:



    As if nothing had happened! :)

    I followed the instruction sheet carefully and glued the parts together step by step:






    And that's all to it! :)

    As with all Canon models this one is excellently engineerd and suitable for beginners. I enjoyed the build very much (even though it was completed in about two hours).

    My old friend was so impressed when I presented her her new "pet". She loves this little cat and the fact that it came from me makes it even more special to her. So special that she has even allowed her to sit on her bed during the daytime (during the nights she has to sit on a chair though)! :)



    MEE-OUWWW!!! :):):)
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    The simplest things are always the most beautiful...
    ...I should learn something by this one ... ... ... ;)
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    That was very kind of you to do such for your friend. I am glad that she enjoys her new "pet".
    I have always enjoyed making models (and other gifts) for friends and family and seeing the look on their faces when they see it for the first time and they realise that it was made especially for them.
    KUDOS to you my friend!
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    Thank you all! :)

    Well, to be honest, this cat is the laziest beast I have ever seen in my entire life. E-V-E-R. She never moves on her own, she doesn't go for a walk, she doesn't even purr on occasion. OK, she doesn't scratch, eat and make a dump either... :D :hammerhead: :sticktongue:
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    Way cute! :yesyes:

    and forget what I said about inkscape..their new version fixed a lot of my complaints!!
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