Northrop F-5 E Tiger II scale 1/200 RTAF

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by chaiwat kosatanakom, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. chaiwat kosatanakom

    chaiwat kosatanakom New Member

    As once I told your people of my latest development, which today all of my products become all color and as usual, the unique style with the transparent plastic canopy. This model is one of my latest design.

    Northrop F-5 E is one of my favorite model, which once it flied over my head when I was a little kid and from that start, I wonder how an airplane can fly.

    Together with its generator and the MJ-1 B bomb loader. I hope that this model is worth for taking a look.sign1

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  2. Famous Dave

    Famous Dave Member

    Awesome, as usual friend. And at such a small scale, a fabulous build. I am always inspired by your works. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Your method for making canopies just amazes me, it is quite enviable. You have the masters touch.! I felt compelled to post your video. I don't know if this is still how you do it, but it is quite effective. Make the plug out of 2 part poxy or something similar, the pull the sheet over after the plug has softened enough. :)

    warning: You must have "real" fingers to do this!

  4. freddyman

    freddyman newbie

    give it up jack.your not fooling no one. i'm a secret agent and we know you stole the shrink ray. but seriously its an plesure to view these little gems you make
  5. shika

    shika Member

    Wow, this is super cool! ^ ^
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I would seriously consider mounting the windshield plugs to a 1/8 th thick metal pole on a base. This way all you have to worry about is forming the plastic. I might tape that base done, to play it safe. :)
  7. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I may have to try this using a heat gun. I have a nice one and it is very controllable. I am still amazed by ow you just bang these canopies out! :)
  8. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    How are you ding with your book? I was wondering about that. :)
  9. chaiwat kosatanakom

    chaiwat kosatanakom New Member

    That one is the most critical point for me. Once, I talked to a local publisher and found that they will publish the book and hi-light it with 1:1 scale paper model of my paper model plane. They planned to launch it in the national book exhibition. However, a condition for the publishing is only verbal and they can print unlimited and the copyrights will belong to them. I will get only the first publishing sharing from the sale of the book but there is nothing in return afterward.

    Yesterday, I think of buying my own printing machine with the book making processing machine!wall1
  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That deal stinks to high heaven! You would do better opening a website of your own and selling the models through a Paypal account, or Mastercard (you would get more customers with Mastercard, Paypal sucks). You would get more money that way and you could sell canopies for aircraft. That is something people are always looking for. Use your students that are interested in helping you get set up, as your productions line, and assistants, teaching them how to do a business in the process. The benefits are mutual.

    If you went ahead with that deal, you would be giving your book away and they would be stealing it from you. I think you already know that. I am so sorry to hear that. People are so greedy these days. :curse:

    You do have one thing that money cannot buy, you have the respect and appreciation from an uncountable amount of people who have build your planes and have been inspired by you. That is something that a book could not do, not on the level you have achieved. You have done it by just being you, generous and giving, and teaching. That is the greatest achievement anyone can attain. You have produced and given vast numbers of models away. You have made so many people enjoy and hold in their hands what you have designed. That is a great achievement. Your immortality is guaranteed on the Internet as your models will live on in cyberspace as long as cyberspace exists!! That book is a bump in the road, you have already tread you own way. :inw: Now, just "Keep on truckin'"!! :driver1:

  11. chaiwat kosatanakom

    chaiwat kosatanakom New Member

    Thank you for your kindest recommendation again Zathros. I am just an ordinary artist with limited knowledge of how to do the business but I believe that all of your recommendation will be exist in the near future.

    I like your kind word to enligth me how to do the business on cyberspace. Many years ago, I also instructed to run that type of business and we took time studying with it, then I went to the publisher. That was the end of the whole story. :confused:

    Now, we have to study it sgain. :cry:

    I will soon come back tonight with the new Kfir C2 and now I am working for the Sikorsky MH-65 Blackfoot design. :wave:

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