Northern Pacific circa 2009

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    I am currently modeling the NP as if it never was merged into the Burlington Northern and am trying my best to adhere to the buying of motive power EMD vs. GE. I want to get the ES44DC that tower 55 put out but I understand that they closed up and sold the dies and everything to Athearn. Now, if this is true, does Athearn plan on making the NP unit? O are there still any of the Tower 55 model out there because I haven't found any. And another thing, is it my imagination, or does there seem to be a dearth of NP (and I mean quality) equipment and motive power out there. I mean there is a smattering of F-units and some rolling stock, but why is Walthers putting out the NorthCoast Limited as they have done with the Empire Builder, 20th Cent. and the Hiawatha?
    Any answers would help. Thanks for all of you who take the time to answer my ramblings.

    Bill (Monadboy)
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    Hey, Bill - Welcome to Zealot's "Gauge"...Sounds like a neat idea - keeping the NP alive, but you do realize that you are looking for "Fantasy" power ? Afraid if you want modern NP cars, locos and other equipment you will have to create most of it with stripped or undec. stuff. Like the potential of your idea, (I'd like PRR p-42s) and hope you'll show us your work here! :wave: Bob C.
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    I totally understand that I am going to have to get mostly undecorated stuff and repaint. I will have to get really good at their paint jobs, freight and passenger (original, not Lowey scheme). But I also want to be able to back track too. Plus I still see NP and GN equipment even today running on the BN...ooppss sorry, I meant the BNSF. I liked the BN, just can't generate enthusiasm for the BNSF. But still, it's very hard to find anything NP. That's why I was looking for the Tower55 NP ES44DC unit. I like the idea of building a layout that is generically timed so I can do anything from 1940 - 2010. Just change cars, equipment, some buildings. I just love the idea ofthe NP now thought, watching some SD's or ES's pulling along string of grain, or containers.

    Thanks for the thoughts and as I get beetter will put work up.
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    Atlas has made a fair number of NP diesels, including the Alco RS-11 and S-4, and several NP freight cars.
    As you mention, several good F units have been made by several manufacturers. Proto has done the 0-8-0 and 2-8-8-2. For a railroad that ceased being back in 1970, I'd say there's a fair amount of stuff out there. I'd like to see more, a moderately priced NP Northern for example, or NP Challenger!!

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