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  1. Harpo

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    If y'all ever get close to Spencer NC (between Salisbury and Winston-Salem off of I-85, be sure to stop at the NC Transport is NOT to me missed. Free admission, except for the ride. A huge roundhouse, lots of motive power in various stages of restoration. Come early in the day before the heat hits, and get ready to spend lots of time. We unfortunately had a very tight schedule, but hope to return one day soon...
    Harpo :wave:

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  2. brakie

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    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing..
    Is the Graham County Ry shay still in service?
  3. Harpo

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    Unfortunately we didn't have time to thoroughly investigate the entire roster, but it appears that there is a shay there, and was, at least quite operational recently. Not everything on display is or will be operational, of course, but quite a few items are. I believe the museum is funded in part by the state, that in itself is unusual, and reasonably generously so. So, I suspect the shay is certainly one item that would be returned to operating condition if it isn't now. I'll have to do more investigating on this myself. Sorry I can't be more precise than that for now.
  4. kf4jqd

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    Great pictures :thumb: I just live on the other side of the mountains in Tennessee from there. May have to make it a weekend trip!:D Is there a website I can check out?

  5. railohio

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    It served pretty good for me as an armrest back in December! :D :wave: :thumb:

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  6. Herc Driver

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    Here's more of the Museum's power...a fully restored almost pristine GP30. Oh and the cab ride...priceless (actually...$10 for about a 30 minute ride through the NS yard and winding around for about 10 miles or so each way). You can check out the museum Go early before it get too hot and bring lots of film and something to eat, or go across the street to the local diner. They also have a small signal bridge that you can get great photos from. You'll probably also see a few NS, BNSF, and other major RR's barreling through right next to the museum as well.

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  7. MilesWestern

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    BNSF in N. Carolina?!?! :confused:
  8. railohio

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    With run-through power agreements it's hardly news anymore...
  9. Herc Driver

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    Yep...if I would have had the camera ready I would have snapped a picture. I think it was an SD70 - but it was moving and I really wasn't too sure - leading a NS diesel with autocarriers and intermodal consist.
  10. RidgeRunner

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    I love living 20 minutes from this place...

    Sorry about so many links, but I'd rather not inline so many big images. I'd probably **** off some dialup users. :)

    As to Graham County 1925 - I saw it running mid-December, and I believe I took the above picture of Brian Schmidt around New Years - it looked to be in one piece then, but I think it's fairly well torn apart right now and will be for a while. Flues and something else, I think? Dunno when it'll be running again. Sure is a beauty to watch as it roars past at what, 10mph? :)

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