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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by mcusanelli, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. mcusanelli

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    I finished my Normandy SR2, and for once it went without a hitch! Thanks to a brilliant design by TC. everything fit perfectly, the graphic texture is excellent, all in all an excellent model. My only modification was to enlarge it....I just can't build anything that small - it originally is about 6-7'' long (getting older really makes seeing small parts too difficult) so I set the printer properties to allow it to print at poster size(on 4 sheets per page, hope I'm saying it right) which gave me a model about 13'' long. Just right! Sealed the pages with my usual Krylon triple thick gloss - 2 coats, followed by 1 more after completion. To keep the fuselage straight and flat, I glued a strip of brass inside, and I would recommend a strip or at least a piece of wire inside the wings for added support. Even without internal frames, its really a strong model, so this is just for insurance. One of the most enjoyable ships I've ever built, thanks TC! My son is a huge Mass Effect fan, so he got this one for his collection. Edge touch up was done with a Sharpie marker and some Apple Barrel acrylics. Hope you like it!

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  2. RagDaddy

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    Very nice!!! Love that ship
  3. marcusore

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  4. maximiliano

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    Very sharp and clean build!!Congrats on a great model!!!the only thing missing is a base to display...but all in all a great model!!!
  5. Zathros

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    Great job!! I think everyone should have one of these! :)
  6. ThunderChild

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    Wow! you did a great job mcusanelli. Glad your son likes it!
  7. mcusanelli

    mcusanelli Member

    Thanks guys! Very appreciated.
  8. jarobinson

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    Wow anyone would be proud to have this in thier collection.
  9. F131

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    What an amazing, clean build! This is the version (ME3)I've been looking for. Is there a link?
  10. mcusanelli

    mcusanelli Member

    Thank you! there are TC's other Mass Effect models as well, just google ThunderchildFTC on deviantART
  11. ThunderChild

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    Can't for the life of me understand why I didn't think of it myself... Zathros made the brilliant suggestion that I add the link in my signature... so here ya go! :p
  12. F131

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    My hero! I might need to talk to you about increasing the scale.
  13. mcusanelli

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    I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, but the graphic detail on this model is really sharp, even after enlarging it.....I think it could hold up well even if it were made even bigger than my print out without Thunderchild having to change anything. All I know is if you make it bigger, TC, I'll certainly build another one! And as I said before, even without a skeletal structure underneath it's a strong model.
  14. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    I love the enthusiasm guys! Nothing prevents you from printing my models as large as you want but I'm kinda adamant that I will not be scaling these up because I am just looking forward too much to sjsquirrel's Normandy! ( )
  15. mcusanelli

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    TC, You did a beautiful job on this model, and Sjsquirel's model is going to be beautiful, too....I for one have enjoyed building several variants of the same subject, and I don't want you to think we're trying to overshadow anyone's work. We all get like 'kids in a candy store' when we see models we've been dreaming about.....I flipped out when I downloaded your Gunstar, and Steve's Galactica. I can't tell you how many wonderful, enjoyable hours this hobby has brought me, I feel like I'm in my second childhood (my wife says I haven't left the first one!) Anything you decide is fine with me, just know that we all apreciate your work and the generosity in which it's given :)
  16. F131

    F131 Member

    I love the pic on your (TC) website with both Shepard's and your mini Normandy's. You must feel like a proud dad.
    I am also looking forwards to Steve's Normandy. There sure is a lot of talent here.
  17. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Haha, yea I would have love to have been there to meet them!

    Here's the pic F131 is referring to:

    And the original page for the person who posted the pic:
  18. F131

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    Very cool!

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