Norge Air Ship

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  1. possm_23

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    I am building the Norge air ship from FG and was wondering if any one else has atempted it...i am having problems with it fitting to gether.....the nose and part one fit decently....but parts 2 and 3 seem way too big to match those i doin something wrong....the only way i was able to connect them was to leave the bottoms unglued....but then they over lap them selves a lot.....thanks for any help.....
  2. Ashrunner

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    Possum...if I ever figure out how to print the Norge at 1:100 scale, it will be my first airship. If you figure out the problem, let us know what it was. 8v)
  3. possm_23

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    i found my was my printer settings.......reset and goion together better....thanks....:) :grin:
  4. possm_23

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    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!....its coming together just fine.......:) ...if i can just catch FG when it is up so i can download all my sheets........:(
  5. Bengt F

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    Norge Airship from FG

    Hi possm_23,

    I have also downloaded the Norge - it´s placed in the 'to build airship-queue' after the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin (almost completed), the LZ-129 Hindenburg (begun cutting out all parts), the LZ-126 Los Angeles and the LZ-120 Bodensee (neither of them opened).
    I usually enlarge my models with a given percentage, normally 141% to fit a larger paper format. So, I make sure that all sheet are printed using the same value and I NEVER use the option "fit to page", as this setting sometimes distorts the length-width relationship, which makes exact fitting impossible.
    For the Norge, I plan making some internal formers on heavy card with the 'skin' in thinner paper.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with the Norge!

    Bengt :grin:

    PS. Have you seen the Airship Modeler Forum? It´s fairly new and starting up. I´ve just become a member there, too: -there are some threads and pics on the Norge airship, I believe.:grin:
  6. possm_23

    possm_23 Member

    hey can i know if it is 1:100.......:???: i just print it whatever is given....i havent learned how to scale up or down yet.....:grin:...maybe a tip or two??????
  7. Rick Thomson

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    With FG models, you never really know what scale you are getting as Chip tries to fill the page as much as possible. But if you have the scale then just multiply it by itself to get the 1/1 value, then divide it by whatever scale you want.

    If and when the FG forum comes up again, Tim Allen from Winnipeg has a very nice Norge on display there.
  8. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member


    The way I figure FG models is with the WSAM percentage. Since I prefer my models at 1:100 scale, I multiply the intended Fiddlers Green scale of 1:60 by the WSAM percentage. The resulting number is the percentage I need to print the model at to get 1:100 scale. For example, if the model has a WSAM of 87 percent, then 60 x 87% = 52.2. Then in my printing program, I scale the model down to 52.2 percent and I get a model at the intended scale. It doesn't always work as FG models seem to vary in scale, but it does work for most and is close.

    As for the Norge airship, its original size was 106 meters in length. At the WSAM rating of 1:60 scale, this would mean a model of about 69.5 inches in length. At 1:100 scale it would be just under 42 inches. Now, based on the WSAM of 347 percent I would have to print the model at 208.2 percent to get a 42 inch model. My printer doesn't print 17x22 paper, so I am stuck until I figure out how to do it. I might print the parts I can print at scale, and cut the other parts to fit. But that will be a long time in the future, if I ever get around to doing it.

    I haven't figured out a way of determining how big a model will be after it is just "Fit to page" printed. If you take the intended scale of 1:60 divided by the WSAM percentage, it would follow that would be the length of the printed model. I am sort of guessing on this, but that would mean the Norge printed like that would be about 18 inches long. Let me know how long your model turns out.

    By the way, if you want to get different scales from the WASM percentage, say, 1:72 scale, use the formula 60 x WSAM, then divide the result by .72 (point 72). That will give you percentage to print at for 1:72 scale. In the case above, 60 x WSAM 87% = 52.2, divided by .72 = 72.5. You would print the FG model at 72.5 percent for the 1:72 scale. For any other scale, substitute that scale in decimal form for .72, such as .50, .48, .33.

    I don't know if this math will ever save my life, but doing it is a lot fun, especially with a calculator, unlike how I learned it back in the BC days (Before Calculators). 8v)
  9. possm_23

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    things been goin real great on the Norge so far
    i am having trouble withe the keel...maye i am tring to match it up too close to the scallop lines on the envelope?...any suggestions???......i have the middle and the aft section of the keel glued in place...but i think i will take them off and reapply them....but in takin them off..they will be destroyed...and FG is not up so i can down load the keel again........:cry: :cry: :cry: :( :roll:
  10. Bengt F

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    Norge Polar Airship From FG

    The FG is up and running again, albeit not with the new releases yet, and the models are not yet accessible. I have tried myself.

    Try this link:
    for info on the Norge airship. If you click "More information" you will find some excellent photos at the end of that article showing the keel section.

    If you want any specific keel-section pdf-sheet for the Norge, send me a Private Message, stating your mail address and which sheet/s you need, and I will try to mail the pdf´s to you.

    all the best,
  11. possm_23

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    Thanks Bengt

    there are some great pics there and i can see what i did wrong....i made the keel to be concave....i just havent figgered out why i did email is .... .....i need the sheeets for all three pieces of the keel...thanks......:)
  12. possm_23

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    one more question...should a ssemble the keel completely or glue it to the envelope in 3 sections
  13. Bengt F

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    Norge Airship Keel Assembly

    Hi possm_23,

    If you look at the pdf-file called "A few thoughts" (supplied with the model),
    you´ll see thet FG recommends that you first glue the three sections together, then fold/roll the rounded scallops slightly out/upwards, then start to glue the keel to the airship at the point just behind the gondola marked with three small xxx´s. Then you work your way forward and aft, checking that you get it aligned before the glue sets.
    If you don´t have this file, I can mail it to you.


    PS: If you don´t get it right, just do as Chip below; wear it as a hat to get a guarranteed place on the bus and start all over again!

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  14. possm_23

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    aint it amazin what a person can do if they would only :) ole daddy always said...u can do almost any thing if you would just read the
  15. mordrake69

    mordrake69 mordrake69

    i always liked air ships.
  16. MRCA

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    Hey Possm, can you tell me your printer settings, I'm doing the Norge: printed all the "regular" part with same settings and now, the part #6 is too little to fit with the rest. :?: Suggestions?

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