Norfolk Southern and CSX on the same track

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    I am trying to locate areas in the Mid atlantic AND Northeast that has both Norfolk Southern and CSX using the same track (by any arrangement) between 1980 and the present. I wouold like to model an area in HO of some common track, preferrably in Virginia, Maryland, West Virgina area. Can anyone steer me to some possible locations? Thanks
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    There is a ~8 mile stretch of double track right of way that runs through my hometown that both CSX and NS use. I'm located in Raleigh, NC, and the track runs from NS's yard in downtown Raleigh west to Cary, where the two tracks split. CSX turns south toward Southern Pines and Hamlet, and NS goes to Durham and other points westward, eventually reaching Charlotte. The CSX track is the old Seaboard Air Line Mainline that ran from Richmond, VA south to Florida. It now sees mostly only local freight trains. The NS track is the old Southern Railway mainline from Raleigh to Charlotte, which connected Southern to points east, reaching the Port at Morehead City.

    I live about a quarter mile from this line and work right across the street from it. It's in plain view out the window of my office at work about 50 yards away.
    NS seems to be much more active here, about 10 to 15 trains a day. Most CSX activity here is local, about 6 or so a day. Also, this line is used by about 4 Amtrak trains a day. Looking out the window of my office at work, I have only seen a CSX and NS train in the same field of vision once or twice in the past few months.
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    Since split date you have the shared assets Lehigh Line from Port Reading Jct where the CSX Trenton Line and NS Lehigh Line come together to CP Valley also at Valley is Oak Island yard which handles CSX, NS, CP, and Shared Assets (Conrail) from CP Valley you have the Lehing connecting track which connects to the P&H (Passaic&Harrimus) line from CP Stock to CP Hack. From CP Karny to CP Hack you have the CSX South Kearny Intermodal yd. From Hack you continue to the Northern Branch where the NS goes into the Croxton yard at CP Marion. A few miles further is North Bergen yd owned by CSX and to add to the flavor the NYS&W operates next to the Northern from West Croxton past North Bergen up to Little Ferry on the The River Line (CSX) Here you have roughly close to 40 miles of line on which both rr's operate.
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    Sorry, all the places I mentioned are in New Jersey just outside of NYC.
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    I live in nj, and near the browns yard the camden to amboy secondary. Here conrail, cxs, norfolk southern operate. I live down the street from this line and see what motive power is being used, and what road names of freight cars. Browns yard is in Sayerville, NJ. I also have my layout for present day.
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    They also share some trackage in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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    There is a stretch of track they both use in central Gerogia as well. Wrong location I know.

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