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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by MAGIC_CHEF, Oct 21, 2005.

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    I just finished browsing and the Atlas diesels seem to be right around $69.95 for non decoder locomotives. They just received a shipment of GP40/GP40-2's recently. I have a few of those from last years release. I have a small layout (The Terrain For Trains "High Sierra") and while I am not sure of the actual grades involved, I usually opt for two DRGW Geeps to pull the train. I do have six axle Atlas and Kato engines but the struggle on the tighter curves that the track plan called for so those are packed away for a layout on another day :D

    I am not sure what railroad you wish to model, but I am sure between E-Bay, and and others mentioned here before you can probably find a decent locomotive or two and some quality rolling stock. (at risk of starting another debate here I go with Micro-Trains freight cars and the Atlas Extended Vision Caboose provide enough weight per car for optimal operation.)

    Good Luck and you found a great forum to seek advice, I mostly lurk here and take in all of the good info at hand!
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    Kevin: It looks like you have solved your problem with running-in. I don't remember a case of that dramatic an improvement, but I assume there was something off-center in the drive train and you wore it away.
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    Bachmann's out of the box can be a little skitish. But running them(Which is usually recomended by ALL the manufactures) at a medium speed for 10-15 minuates usually breaks it in and has them running good. Because I do this to every new loco I buy, I usually don't have problems. There is always that one though..That the demons just don't leave. Sending it back to the manufacturer normally fixes this problem.

    Its also a matter of personal preference...What someone thinks is junk(Maybe because of a bad past experience)....Is someone else's diamond.

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    Yep, I have had 0 problems since I took it apart. I still might buy a mrc power pack though.

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