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    I'm one of those weird guys. I love using road names that service (or used to service) the Buffalo, NY hometown. I see a lot of Conrail, CSX, Norfolk Southern, CN and the like. But I also like the old NYC and EL lines as well.
    The thing I dislike about Erie Lackawanna? The ugly paint schemes. I mean, come on, Gray/Brown/Yellow? You may as well use camoflauge (which may be cool, but I digress)...

    Anyway, I still like using the EL line, so I opted to just start making my own paint schemes. The first one was the Bicentennial engine. While I was in between working that one, I opted to repaint my yard switcher as well. I wanted something unique, but still represented Buffalo. So I painted it Blue and Gold to honor the Buffalo Sabres.

    Not the best looking train, but I still think it's pretty neat in its own way. I didn't really do anything special other than the re-paint and decals.

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  2. TrainNut

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    Nice job!
  3. eightyeightfan1

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    Whats not good looking!
    I think it looks great!
  4. Ralph

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    The goal is to enjoy the hobby! I think you've succeeded admirably! I like the "imagineered" scheme.
  5. umtrr-author

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    How about a Sabres logo from the appropriate time period? That would be cool...

    Nothing wrong with following Rule #1 (It's Your Railroad)!

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