Non-card parts in card models

Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by shoki2000, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    I've been asked through PM about some extra parts I use to build my models so maybe it will be a good idea to answer in the open as this might be usefull for the others as well.

    Pre-formed canopies
    I'm a big fan of those as they simply look much better than trying to glue bubble canopy from smaller pieces and I have no inclination to try heat forming. Well, maybe one day, but not anytime soon.
    Every card model shop sells them now -GPM, Model-Hobby, Halinski, WAK - you name it. Usually they are marketed for a specific kit, but with some adjustments they might be used in other models of the same aircraft.

    Resin wheels
    Personally I use TrueDetails brand, but I will buy any other if they make them for the plane I want and the price is right, but you have to watch for shipping costs as I just learned looking at MasterCasters website - 50 punds worth of wheels, 80 punds worth of shipping???!!! of course didn't place an order....

    Pilot and mechanic figures
    If you can paint them, you are in luck as right now there are plenty of those available. Standing, sitting, kneeling, you name it.
    If, like me, you don't want to/ cannot paint then choices are very limited.
    back in a day you could buy planes made by 21st Century Toys, remove the pilot and sell the rest of the model on eBay sign1. Unfortunatelly company went out of business, those models became expensive. Sometims you can score a good deal on eBay, but not often.
    I have a good stack of those little guys from the time when 21st Century planes were available at Walmart, but I'm not selling -so don't ask :twisted:
  2. Kashiwazaki

    Kashiwazaki KASHIWAZAKI SENA FAN!!

    I added welding wire to the secondary turrets on my GEORGIOS AVEROF papercraft.
  3. rsebree

    rsebree New Member

    This was my first tank. the barrel is a coffee straw. 011.jpg
  4. Wojtee

    Wojtee Member

    Just two words to this topic - Why not? :)

    I use resin wheels, transparent canopies, wires, cables scrapped where possible...
    I used the flexible drinking straws as hydraulic (or whatever) hoses here:

    If it helps the model, then it is no problem, IMO :)
  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I am not a purist anything. I strongly believe is using what you need to make an effective model. When form-able, transparent paper comes around, which I believe will happen, then there may be an argument, but use what you got!! :)
  6. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    I have used everything from toothpicks, paperclip wire, cotton swab sticks (paper, plastic, and wood) and anything else that I need in and on my paper models to get the desired effect that I want.

    If it works use it.
  7. Kashiwazaki

    Kashiwazaki KASHIWAZAKI SENA FAN!!

    Toothpicks are good, when you haven't the fingers needed for rolling those masts on a ship.

    I added those on a Japanese 60's style cargo ship, and added black thread to complete the effect.

    Unfortunately, my dog just ate it, 7 opr 8 months ago.... wall1
  8. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Toothpicks are a necessity when modeling! :)
  9. Kashiwazaki

    Kashiwazaki KASHIWAZAKI SENA FAN!!

    ...And they can be the basic material for great models!

    Remember that Wayne Kusy?

  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That ship is almost beyond belief!! :)
  11. Kashiwazaki

    Kashiwazaki KASHIWAZAKI SENA FAN!!

    I formerly thought too much for only one person, too, but then I got used to that idea when I saw either his other works and his biography. :)

    The model is painstakingly accurate, and we can see that on his luck that some copies of historic photos (drydocking, launch, etc) and the Long Beach PD, who kindly gave him aerial photos of the ship.

    One of the starting points he could use would be a Revell 1/570, but he preferred to be 100% original, which is something I like in an artist! :D
  12. jappert

    jappert New Member

    Toothpicks are a necessity when modeling!
    I use it to spread glue on the taps :-D

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