no surface Mail anymore?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by hmas, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. hmas

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    I have just found out that the US postal service has discontinued its international surface mail option. :curse:
    Reason? it was underused ( yeah right)
    For anyone who is interested there is a petition for ALL customers worldwide to sign, in the vain hope it may return.
    Bring Back the USPS International Surface Mail Service Petition
    When postage exceeds the purchase price of the items you have to reconsider the purchase.
    Also it could appear that the US post office is being cleaned up to make it more attractive for sale to private enterprise?
  2. DrBill

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    Until your post, I have seen or heard nothing about this decision by the USPS -- a real disaster for card modeling and for many others (Peace Corps and other humanitarian organizations) who rely on surface mail to save money. I signed the petition, but would also suggest that U.S. readers write a short e-mail or note to their representatives in Congress asking for a review of the USPS actions. Political pressure is always a good supplement to public opinion....
  3. barry

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    We had a postal service second to none in the UK it was sold to private enterprise and opened up to "competition" result the usual cartel of asset strippers no competition and very soon no postal service. Private enterprise is just death to any decent government service just a money grubbing shower of incompetents. Holler loudly is my advice not that anyone will take any notice.

    ps We do get an awful lot more junk mail now which we are threatened we must recycle pity the council can't handle window envelopes I wonder who has the brain cell this week. It's also a pity I can't charge for my time in dealing with it.
  4. Stev0

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    In a time when things have to be to their destination 'yesterday' and references to mail delivery as 'snail mail' all because of the internet... is it any wonder that things have turned this way?

    COMBAT Member

    We had that thought about Hospitals here that the level of service would be poor and that peoples health would be at a real risk. The shocker is they do a better job of running the hospital, its cleaner and has better results. Its not all bad when things go public its just who is running them that matters. :)
  6. dansls1

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    I used to mail a lot of CD's out of country and the priority shipping option was both cheaper and extremely faster than the surface mail option. I understand we are talking about a different medium where the $9 priority can be the value of the item - but the global priority service was fast and reliable for me.
    I also think they'd have better luck by offering a form letter for you to sign and email / mail to the USP rather than the online petition - I doubt it'll get any response even if everybody in the world signed it.
  7. Art Decko

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    Hear, hear!

    Same disease is hollowing out many gov't agencies in the US, including the military.

    But hey, at least it's working out extremely well for the investor class! :-(
  8. charliec

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    Sounds like you've got an incompetent recycler as well - that problem went away in Oz about 15 years ago.

    The rush to privatise everything in sight always seems to ignore the proposition that when large scale services (like USPS or Australia Post) were set up back in the 19th century no-one could figure out how to make the service long term profitable for private companies. In part, that's why governments wound up running lots of services. I guess neo-liberal asset strippers aren't noted for their historical insight.


  9. badgerys

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    Many thanks for bringing this petition to my attantion.I have just signed it and was surprised that there were only about 950 signatures.This can affect all of us especially those who buy cardmodels internationally.

    Kind regards


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