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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by George D, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. George D

    George D Member

    I've been working on an NMRA module for about a year now and I thought I'd post a progress report.

    The first picture was taken in February after the track was down, ballasted and wired and the ground contours roughed out.

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  2. George D

    George D Member

    This picture was taken in September when it was part of a module set-up.

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  3. George D

    George D Member

    This picture was taken today. I've been busy since the last show getting ready for the next showing, next weekend.

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  4. SAL Comet

    SAL Comet Member

    Ha George, I've been wondering how the tracks are joined on modules. Is there a set distance from the edge the fixed track stops? and then a set length of track to join them? That seems like it would be problematic? BTW your ground cover look great!
  5. ddavidv

    ddavidv Member

    Nice work; very realistic! :thumb:
    yes, there are specifications to module building. The track alignment is actually pretty easy to do, and there is a required 'setback' for the rails at the ends...this allows them to be connected with a simple straight piece of Atlas track. The pre-made straights are all the same length, so as long as the setback from the end is at the correct measurement, they fit right up. A little fluctuation may result in some gaps at the joints, but not enough to cause problems most of the time.
    Modules and clubs are the only way some of us with small homes will ever get to run those really long trains, and it's a lot of fun (great to see others modelling work as well when we set up). :)
  6. belg

    belg Member

    David, I just went to your link for your club and it looks like a great group modelers. My question and observation is on the second to last pic there is a large bridge which is BELOW the table height which I think is a very creative use of space but is this a true NMRA Module or is this a club special??? My observation on the pic section would be that your webmaster add a way to go forward and back to the pics without having to go back to the thumbnails and wait for them to reload each time. Not to big a problem for me on Optimum online but for guys with a dail up that would take for ever. Pat
  7. George D

    George D Member

    Thanks for your comments Scott. The setback, in HO, that David was referring to is 4.5 ". That means a 9" section of track between the modules.

    David, I'm fortunate to have both a module group to run with as well as a club with a fixed layout (16 scale mile mainline).

  8. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Wow, what a difference a year makes!!! Buildings and scenery have a very natural, been there for years look to them. I really like that little stand of trees you have. Nice work!!

  9. George D

    George D Member

    Thanks Val. The trees are from Scenic Express and I'm very happy with the way they turned out. I'll be adding more behind the asphalt road.


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