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    Here is the NKP 587 that I caught at Alexandria Indiana on June 29, 1991 as it leads an excursion train.

    The 587 served the Nickel Plate for years, retired to an Indianapolis park, was returned to steam by the Indiana Transportation Museum and is currently out of service at the museum. She may or may not run again, but she was standing proud on this day representing her heritage.

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    Love those steamers....!

    Unfortunately, it seems the railroads were right. It's a heck of a lot of work to keep those steamers going. I heard it quoted somewhere that it was basically an hour in the shop/other maintenance for every hour on the rails. Diesels on the other hand were an hour in the shop for every week on the rails. No wonder they switched...

    CPR 1201 was on excursion service in the late 1970s in the Ottawa Valley. Now there are two problems: the loco needs new suspension and tires, and almost all the track she used to run on is gone... :(

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    Pretty!!! Verrrrrry Pretty!!!!

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