Nixus Concept Car.

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    A Spanish designer, Cristobal Vila, designed some futuristic concept cars, two of which are displayed through links on Angevine's thread here in Designer's Corner. Angevine wanted to know if they could be built in paper, and I wrote a reply, saying that I would like to try.

    I have completed the Nixus, and am about one quarter to one third of the way through the Sentinel project.

    Here are my photos of my treatment of the Nixus. The concept drawings are under the copyright of Cristobal Vila, but he invites modelers to try their hands at his designs, as long as they acknowlege his copyright.

    The actual design has compound curves, and those are beyond my ability. I simplified the car's design into parallel sided profile shaped sections, glued together side by side.

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    Here are the plans I drew. Now that you've already seen the finished model, the plans should be easier to understand.

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    Here is the link for the blueprints of the actual design:

    Here are a couple of photos of the completed model, showing torque boxes added to the bottoms of the flanks for more rigid, fuller looking sides; and a top view from the front.

    This is one of the few models in which I tried to use all cardstock. I most often use writing tablet or cereal box cardboard, for stronger, smoother surfaces. When buillding the fenders of this car, I got frustrated with the tabs I had drawn onto the parts I designed, and cut them off. I then went to my old standby, cardboard, for the fender strips, glued edge to edge to the panels of the fender sides.

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